30 November, 2018

What cars are best for cheap insurance?

When you are looking for the best vehicle that will get you a very good price on your car insurance, it is important to remember that you may have to settle for a very simple car that will get you from point A to point B.

Instead of looking for the fanciest wheels on the road, go for a car that is strong and will keep your insurer confident that you have a tank capable of withstanding any force aimed at it. Here are some ideas of the types of car you should consider when you want cheap car insurance.

Safety is key

While we have recently seen an extreme decrease in car thefts, this year, a hundred thousand car thefts occurred around the country. If you have a flashy car that is clearly an expensive buy, then chances are it is going to become a target for thieves to steal. Worse, if your car is a hybrid or a modified car then you may only be able to locate the outer frame but not the engine or inner parts, as these can be sold on for extremely high prices on the internet or to pawn shops.

Your insurer will want to know that you have prevention methods in place to prevent this from happening. Any vulnerabilities in your car may cause your insurance premiums to rise, so be sure to get your car fitted with a loud alarm or tracker that is easily hidden in your car seat, in the glove compartment or even behind your steering wheel. The tracker will then follow the car’s location. Once you have the location, then you can call the authorities to have your car returned to you.

Another great way to keep your insurance down is to make sure your car is kept out of sight, as doing so can keep the vehicle away from thieves and vandals. During the night, be sure to keep the car in a garage, apartment parking lot or alleyway.

Some cars have additional crime prevention features, like the inclusion of a key card with which you can open the door of the car. Your car may also have a safe allowing to keep the car keys completely locked away, though it may be safer for you to keep them in your house instead of the car. Either way, by proving that you are keeping your car out of harm’s way, you will be sure to get a good insurance deal.

Try not to add modifications to your car

Altering your car’s appearance and driving power can change your car into your favourite road companion on those long trips out of town. However, is it worth it when it comes to your car insurance? As these modifications were not originally bought alongside the car and so were not factory-made, your insurer has no way of making sure that these modifications will actually stand up to the test of the road.

The premium rate for modified cars is to the point where you may need to start considering specialist insurance, as some insurers will increase your premium by 11.9% – especially if the driver is under the age of 25.

The insurer has no way of knowing whether your car will cause an accident on the road. For instance, if you were to invest in a lowering to make your vehicle appear like a sports car, there can be some serious damage to the wheels if the process of upgrading the body of your car is not implemented correctly. Meanwhile, the height of the windows would make it far more difficult for you to see potential obstacles. Your insurer knows that this will put you more at risk of an accident, so may charge even more for insurance.

So be sure to keep your car simple so that you can avoid any additional costs just because of your car’s appearance.

Adding additional drivers

Once you have completed your search for cheap car insurance and gained a fantastic insight into which insurance deals would best suit your car needs, the best car for cheap insurance may be any sort of car, only with a different driver noted on the insurance policy.

Newly qualified drivers tend to increase the risk of premium, though this problem may be rectified if the young driver takes on an additional Pass Plus qualification with a driving school to lower their insurance costs by potentially £180. Therefore, adding a low-risk driver to the policy can smooth out any potential risks associated with the main driver and, thus, lower any high insurance premiums.

Keep in mind that it is illegal to pretend that the second driver is the main driver of the car, so remember to be honest to your insurer about what you and your fellow driver intend to do with the car, as well as who will use it the most. Your insurer will then make up their own mind with regards to whether or not they will decrease the premium on your insurance.

Don’t pay for what you don’t need

When it comes to finding the perfect car to pay for less car insurance, it is important for you to invest strictly into the car facilities that you need when you take that vehicle on the open road.

Sometimes, additional insurances – such as bank insurances – can be extended to include car insurance. This is to make sure that any breakdowns can be covered. Therefore, be sure to fully research the market before you invest in a policy.

Sometimes, your insurer may even try to sell you additional “add-ons” that can protect you against different legal expenses while you are out on the road. If you do not need these or can get them elsewhere for a cheaper price, then be sure to buy them at a different time.

Consider your payment options

Are you ready to make a payment that could actually get you a fantastic discount on your insurance? If so, then pay your insurance in one annual payment instead of monthly payments.

This is because it is easier to simply send the money that will keep you covered throughout the year rather than send it in smaller payments, and the insurance company intends to reward you for this with a potential discount. However, remember to look into the insurance before you make the payment – as, if you decide to move policies later, you may not be able to do this until your insurance runs out for the year.

Try to haggle down with your original insurer

While you may be struggling to cope with your present-day insurer due to them rating your insurance premium too high for you to keep your car on the road, there remains a chance that you could haggle down their original price to something more manageable.

All insurers want to keep their customers happy to help ensure that they stay with the company for a long period of time. However, if you do your research, you may be able to find a better deal for your car. Before you immediately switch to your new insurer, why not show your present-day insurer the lowest price you have found?

This way, they can be alerted to the fact that you have found a cheaper deal and are willing to leave the company to pursue it. In order to keep you at the company, they may be able to either match it or, better, offer you an even lower discount.

If they decline to match, then do not worry, as you can simply begin the process of switching your insurance to the cheaper option.

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