19 November, 2018

Does a Tracker Reduce Car Insurance?

When it comes to the safety of your vehicle, it can be extremely important to make sure that it remains in good health both on and off the road. If you have invested a lot of money into a good brand of car, the last thing you need is for your car to be stolen from right under your nose. This is where a tracker can come into play to locate the position of your vehicle. However, you may also be thinking about whether or not this sort of security measure can help save some money on your car insurance. This article will look into whether or not a tracker can really be the best option for cheap car insurance.

What is a Tracker?

In 2018, it was reported that there were over 100 thousand car thefts in the UK alone. Although the amount of car thefts has been on the decrease, this does not mean that your insurance premium will reflect anything other than how truly safe your car is. Your insurance policy is a personal reflection of your vehicle. It will ultimately show how much of target it is to thieves and vandals. Your vehicle’s lack of safety may result in its insurance premium being placed at a higher rate.

However, with a tracking device being placed in the car, somewhere out of sight like in the glove compartment, in a sun visor or even hidden in the seat, the tracker can send out an electronic signal to a small tracking device or to an app that is on your phone. This means that you can quickly find the location of your vehicle and send the police out to return it. Some tracking devices even send out automatic signals to the police if the car is broken into and forced to start.

A tracker is a fantastic way of relocating a stolen vehicle and can mean that your insurance provider may not need to pay out a claim to assist you in purchasing a new car to replace the older version. Some trackers even keep track of your fuel mileage, meaning that you can ultimately change your driving style to become more fuel efficient. This may mean that your insurance may be lower, as your driving journeys are smaller, and you may even be able to start saving money on your overall fuel costs.

Will a Tracker fully lower my insurance?

Whilst it can be nice to think that having a single security device in a car will create a great insurance deal, unfortunately your car’s security can still be an issue even if you have a tracker in the car. Urban environments, most notoriously London, have been known to have a multitude of thieves just waiting for a lone vehicle to be left on a city street unattended. If you leave your car out at night or outside a garage, your insurance provider will see that as a threat and will potentially raise your car insurance to account for this risk.

Always have a safe location on your street or in the garage of your home ready to park your car for the evening, for you do not know who may be waiting to strike your car when you least expect it. An additional way to ensure the safety of your car is to make sure that no valuables are located in sight inside the vehicle. Your insurer will also be keeping an eye on the risk of the car being vandalised, as these repair costs may result in a heavy claim, so be certain to make sure your personal belongings are not taken from your car by force, such as through a broken lock or smashed window.

Speed of Retrieval

When it comes to locating a stolen vehicle, it is essential that it is recovered as quickly as possible. Thieves can work extremely fast on your car, especially when it comes to raiding it for spare parts to be sold on the internet. So, if you leave it for too long then you may find only the outer shell of your car without any of its individualised parts or even its engine. However, a tracker can quickly track down your car’s position. If you do this quickly enough to have the thieves still trying to raid the car, then this means that the police can potentially make an arrest. By having the most up-to-date technology in your car you show your insurer that you are taking protective measures to ensure that your car remains safe. Therefore, they may feel more inclined to lower your car insurance.

Model of the Car

In order to find the best Car Insurance, you may want to consider starting to compare Car Insurance Quotes online via our website. Our websites allows you to log your safety procedures for your car, such as your Tracker.

Have you also considered that there may be a hidden cost associated with the very make of your car? If your car is an automatic or a hybrid, or has modified costs, these may ultimately increase the price of your insurance.

If your car is a different model to the standard make, this may either mean that they have interior parts that may not have been approved by a factory, meaning that an insurance company cannot know the potential risks associated with them, or may even require specialist individual engineering services to keep them maintained and not a threat to the road. Either way, a unique car may have more risks associated with it due to its size, if it has been lowered, or if the tyres are unstable due to the shape of the vehicle.

Consider your Age

If you are young and want to make a saving on your insurance, why not consider the Government’s driving scheme of Pass Plus? This can allow you to undertake additional driving instruction from a mentor and, if the scheme is passed, can knock off around £180 a year from your insurance policy!

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