21 January, 2016

Motorway lessons for Learner Drivers

We could soon seen red learner plates merging on to the motorway with more provisional drivers wanting to gain experience on the highways with an instructor. The Department of Transport is contemplating the idea so that new drivers are prepared for everyday driving.

Research from the RAC found that 86% of learners supported the idea of driving lessons on the motorway.

Currently provisional licence holders can travel on any road except for motorways. The possible change would mean that provisional licence holders will be able to drive on the motorway, so long as they are with an instructor and in a car which has duel controls.

The change is being contemplated to improve road safety and in particular, to promote safety of young drivers. Statistics from last year show that 10% of all those killed or injured in a motor accident involved a collision with a driver aged 17, 18 or 19; yet this age group accounts for only 1.5% of all motorists.

The Department of Transport has already recommended that young drivers should only take their test when they have gained appropriate experience on the road beforehand. The DVSA has advocated this by introducing a deposit for driving tests that can be claimed back for new drivers that pass.

At the moment new drivers can get supervision from an instructor for driving on motorways by taking the pass plus course after completing the main driving test. However many people do not take the pass plus course once they have passed the main test. This often means that when new drivers enter the motorway they are doing so without the supervision of an instructor, or possibly no one at all.

Though motorway driving will not feature in the driving test, this could soon be the option for learner drivers to get some supervised practice before tackling them on their own.

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