18 February, 2019

How to make van insurance cheaper

Regardless of whether your van is used for business or personal pleasure, you will always have to consider what form of insurance will best suit your automobile. With the average van insurance premium in 2018 being around £1,122, you may instinctively wonder why a van driver is forced to pay at least twice the amount of money for insurance in comparison to how much car owners pay.

Not all vans are large vehicles, and some of them are of a similar size to what a normal car may look like. This is why you are well within your right to want to find a cheap form of van insurance. Here are some tips to get you started.

Shop and shop again

One of the main tricks for finding cheap van insurance is using a broker such as ourselves at Call Wiser. We work to compare quotes on your behalf from a panel of the UK’s leading insurers.

On your request, we – within just minutes – quickly look up different insurers and their policies. You could ask that insurer to consider specific insurances, omit parts that you wouldn’t need, and even let you choose a policy to be paid monthly or yearly. Call Wiser will compare all of the insurers and policies together in order to find the best deal for you and your van.

This can save you a lot of time when it comes to your search for the best policy. Instead of scrolling endlessly through different websites and calling up different helplines to see if there are any potential discounts, the broker can locate the discounts for you.

Simply by giving us relevant details, as well as asking them about any discounts for which you may be eligible, such as due to your age, good driving behaviour or perhaps even just a student discount, you can save a lot of money on your van insurance. We will consider the information you have provided alongside your specific insurance needs and trace an especially attractive policy for you.

Still, remember to always contact the insurer directly to make sure that there are no hidden costs behind your insurance. If there is, then you can always move on to another insurer!

Avoid auto-renew quotes

If you are looking to save money, the last thing you would want to consider is an auto-renew quotation. Whilst you may think that you are saving money by having a direct insurance renewal system in place, after a while, you may find that the actual quote itself is far more expensive and may include a fee for the renewal privilege.

Instead of signing yourself to an expensive direct debit scheme for the sake of convenience, take the time to document the dates in the year where you will need to renew your insurance. You should also let your insurer know in advance that you would not be interested in automatically renewing your policy. Instead, wait until a month or so before the day you are due to renew.

Is the van in good condition?

Of course, van insurers are not only going to be looking into your own driving history on the road – they are also going to consider the actual condition of your van. Look at the actual state of your van and consider whether any parts of it are going to raise the cost of your insurance.

You could, for example, consider the insurance cost implications of:

  • Hybrid or modified parts of the vehicle
  • Older interior car parts, i.e. engine or the interior hood’s design
  • Weak or cracked window glass
  • Malfunctioning lights or signals, or a sticky gear box

What your insurer wants to see is that your van will not just break down the moment it appears on the road. It needs to be safe for the driver and alternative drivers on and off the road.

If your van does not adhere to a safe standard for the road, you may find that legally required insurances, like third party insurance, become extremely expensive in regards to premiums. Keep your van in top condition and your insurers will not see a need to raise its overall premium costs.

Raising safety and lowering costs

Though your insurers will consider the safety of your van while it is on the road, they also may consider raising your van’s insurance premiums if that van becomes a vulnerable target on occasions that it is off the road.

Most van users are content with using an electric lock in order to maintain their vehicle’s safety. However, sometimes, this just isn’t enough. Criminals are smarter than you think and may try to “hack” into your van’s system to gain access to it. Not only that, but if your van’s windows are brittle, you may return to your van only to find that it has had its windows smashed and contents raided.

Insurers do not want to give out cheap premiums for vans that are naturally a target. Whether this is due to the lack of security on your van or just because you tend to leave your van out in the open, you may find that, if your van is a target for criminals, your premiums could skyrocket.

Avoid this by always making sure you park your van in a safe driveway, garage or very dark side alley, away from the attention of others. You can also install tracking software in your vehicle, as well as thumbprint technology to give yourself access to your van keys.

That way, if anyone tries to steal your van, not only will there be a tracker that can be easily switched on to give away their location, they may not even be able to access the keys in the first place.

If you remain safety-conscious about your van, then your insurer will reward you for your efforts with a cheap premium.

Naivety and youth

Sadly, it is common knowledge that many young drivers (at least under the age of 25) are normally penalised by insurers. Quite simply, insurers do not think that young drivers have the experience needed to keep their vehicle safe from damage.

That’s why young van drivers, unless they seek out special insurance, may struggle to find a cheap premium. Hence, you should consider the Pass Plus Scheme, which was created by the government to give drivers extra lessons from instructors.

If you manage to pass and receive a qualification from this scheme, you may find that your insurer becomes a little more trusting and lowers your premium.

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