13 February, 2019

Does car insurance get cheaper when you’re 50 years old?

As you get older, you may start to feel a little concerned about your skills as a driver. When you first pass your test, you will most likely feel fresh and ready to put those well- earned skills into action. After all, you want to make sure that you can prove to the world, and your insurance company, that you are an extremely safe driver.

However, as time passes, you may find your driving technique becoming a little sloppy. Things that you would never have allowed yourself to do, like slipping up on signals or speeding over speed bumps, may become bad habits.

This is why you may be worried about whether or not you will be able to get cheap car insurance, even when you are over 50 years old. However, do not be concerned. You may even find that you are able to get a great deal on your premium because of your age!

Youthful judgements

When it comes to finding a cheap form of car insurance, it is unfortunate that the age group least likely to find a cheap quote for a car insurance premium is 17 to 19 years, with some young motorist insurances sometimes being three times higher than the average quote for a middle-aged adult.

The reason for these high insurance rates is that the young driver simply does not yet have a track record to prove that they are actually a safe driver. Although they may have recently passed their test, a few months on the road, as well as third-party car insurance, is just not sufficient evidence that the young driver is experienced enough to warrant lower premiums.

As these young drivers are not seen as good investments, they are forced to endure higher premiums or try to find young driver insurance deals that are relatively affordable.

This is why it should come as a relief to an over 50s driver that their proven track record, if kept clean, will be a one-way ticket to finding a cheap premium. A driving insurer will see that the driver has not only kept out of road accidents but also has the long-term experience needed to allow them to understand the rules of the road.

If a driving insurer sees you as an older, more experienced driver, then this may allow you to find a cheaper car insurance quote.

Over 50s car insurance

Of course, if you are interested in finding the best way to capitalise on your age in order to find a cheap car insurance quote, you may want to consider looking into over 50s insurance.

Over 50s car insurance focuses on providing you with a discount based on your age, your driving history, the age and type of car owned and the city or area where you live. If you apply for this sort of insurance, then your insurer will be looking to see what risks you and your vehicle might encounter on and off the road.

The assumption insurers go with is that most over 50s drivers are clearly experienced; there is more chance that these drivers will act sensibly and maturely on the road. This means that there may be less chance of the driver coming to the insurer for a payout.

When it comes to finding the right mature insurance, compare different insurers to see which ones offer discounts and deals that could enhance your coverage. At Call Wiser this is our speciality, and we work with the UK’s leading insurers to compare and find you the very best deal.

Once you find the cheapest over 50s plan, then you can either arrange your insurance payments online or, if you are feeling confident, call up the insurer to see if they might give you an additional discount. A great way of haggling with the insurer is to point out a quote that may contain the same offered insurance features but at a lower price.

If you are persuasive, then you may be able to convince the insurer to provide you with either the same price or something lower. What the insurer will care about is keeping you as a loyal customer. Therefore, do not be scared to push your luck. If it does not work, do not worry, there will always be another insurer you can try and talk to about a discount.

Age isn’t everything!

Though your age can play a large part in determining how cheaply you can find an insurance premium, do remember that your insurer will not just be observing how old you are. They want to know about how safe you will be on the road.

Therefore, they will be looking into your car history, the amount of accidents you have been in and claimed for, and how much you use your car on the road in general. They want to make sure that you are not a potential hazard on the road. Therefore, always be sure that your car is fully tuned up before you take it out for the day.

In addition to this, they will look into the security of the car. They do not want to see any future claims on stolen items from your car; neither do they want to detect that the car is likely to be stolen itself. To keep down your premiums, consider installing security that will allow you to track down your car or send its location to the police to have that vehicle returned to you.

Some cars even come with wireless technology or fingerprint technology to ensure that you are the only one who can get into your car. Therefore, if you make sure that your car is completely up-to-date, you will always be able to receive a discount on your insurance premiums.

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