10 December, 2018

How can I get cheap car insurance for young drivers?

For a young driver, there can be nothing that detracts from the thrill of knowing that you have finally passed your driving examination and that you are free to explore every open road available to you. However, you should know that, before you set your new vehicle on any UK road, you are legally required to have at least third-party insurance in case of any potential accident.

It’s understandable to be concerned that you may only be able to find the car insurance you need at an extremely high cost, as insurers do tend to have a bias against young drivers. However, here are some ways to make sure that you can find a cheap premium to insure your vehicle against any obstacle that is on the road.

Comparison websites

When you are looking for the best deal, you need to always do your research to ensure that you can find the best deal for your vehicle and daily life. There are three types of insurance that you can invest in; these include:

  • Third party insurance (legally required) – This covers any vehicle that you may damage in an accident while on the road.
  • Third party, fire and theft insurance – This covers any costs of a vehicle that you may damage in an accident, but also any damage to your own car. This insurance is valid for use if your car is damaged in a fire or stolen.
  • Comprehensive cover – This covers all damage to your own vehicle and the other vehicle in the accident, whether or not you were the one to blame.

However, exactly what any of these types of insurance policy offer does depend on the insurer, so be sure to use comparison websites to see each policy that your potential insurers can offer you. If you detract certain policies in a personalised insurance package, this may bring the cost down.

Some insurers even offer cheap car insurance for young drivers under the age of 25. As it was estimated in September 2018 that young drivers tend to be offered premiums that are around £1,608 or more in price, obtaining insurance that is aimed at young drivers can be invaluable.

Therefore, always be sure to keep comparing online or through the phone to a representative of the insurance company. You will always be able to barter with the price of your premium. If you cannot reach a compromise on the premiums for a particular policy, then feel free to look into another insurer to see if they can offer you a better deal.

Government schemes

One of the best ways to prove that you are a careful driver on the road, despite your age, is to potentially invest in a driving scheme run by the UK Government.

Insurers want to make sure that they can trust a young driver – but, as this driver may not have developed the driving experience that some of their other, older clients may have done, the insurer might be unsure about whether or not the young driver will make a claim. This is why the Pass Plus scheme is a useful tool for enabling young drivers to reduce their insurance premiums.

The Pass Plus scheme will allow you to take additional driving lessons with an experienced teacher so that the driver becomes used to handling the road and a potential stressful situation. Once this driver has passed the Pass Plus scheme, showing this award to an insurer can reduce a high premium, as it proves that you have received extra experience on the road. This means that your insurer will be more willing to provide you with a cheaper quote.

Multiple drivers

If you are looking to receive cheaper premiums for your insurance, why not consider adding a more experienced driver to your policy? By adding an experienced driver to this policy, this may reassure your insurer that, even though you are a young driver, you will not be the only person driving the car. This means that there will be less chance of an accident happening.

Still, if you are the car’s main driver, then do not cite, on the policy, your more experienced driver as the main driver of this particular vehicle. This practice is known as “fronting” and is illegal. You must always put yourself down as the main driver, or else any claims that you make will be turned down and your insurance will be nullified.

The black box/Telematic monitoring

No matter how young you are, you don’t want to give your insurer an obvious reason to think that you are not a safe driver. This is why your car should be fitted with a device that can monitor your good behaviour while you are out on the road.

The black box, otherwise known as telematic monitoring technology, can be fitted into your car and measures factors like speed, mileage and braking. It also logs how safe a driver you actually are. Therefore, if you stay within the speed limits, your black box will log this. As a result, your insurer may be willing to reward you with cheap young driver insurance.


One of the main assumptions that insurers tend to make about young drivers is that they will not monitor the safety of their vehicle. Even if your car is an older model, if it is not locked up safely in a garage or does not have electronic locking systems in place, then it may become a target for car thieves and vandals. Your insurer will be looking at how safe your car is and whether or not you (as the owner) are taking the necessary precautions to protect your vehicle.

If you want your insurer to lower your premiums, then be certain to make sure that your car has the best locking systems installed into it. Nowadays, your car can be fitted with strengthened windows, a card security lock and also a tracker that can be used to locate your vehicle if it is stolen. The coordinates can then be sent to the police and they can return your car.

With these additional security measures, your insurers may well trust you enough to offer you a lower premium for your car insurance.

Monthly costs

Instead of paying for your insurance every month, why not consider paying for that insurance annually? The majority of insurers provide discounts for young drivers who are willing to pay the full cost in one payment. While this may not be an option for all young drivers, if you can pay once a year, then it is completely worth the discount that you may receive as a result.

Buy a cost-worthy car

While there are small ways that your behaviour can improve on your insurance policy’s premiums, even the type of car you choose to drive can strongly influence your ability to find a cheap quote.

All insurers put cars into categories ranging from 1 to 50. The most expensive insurances are for the cars in the groups of 1 to 10, while those cars in the categories of 20-50 can be insured more cheaply. The following factors may affect your car’s insurance cost:

  • The financial costs of the car;
  • The car’s security;
  • The car’s speed;
  • Whether that vehicle has been modified;
  • Whether the vehicle is a hybrid car.
  • How much and the time needed for a repair on the car

Keep in mind that, if you are a young driver, then you may want to invest in a car that falls into one of the groups of 20 to 50. This vehicle may not only have a cheaper car insurance deal attached to it but also not be a purchase capable of fully breaking the bank.

However, be careful when you considering your car to buy, as you still want it to be able to drive efficiently on the road without any potential for accidents. Your insurers will want to know how old this car is and whether or not it needs any replacements before it is declared roadworthy.

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