5 May, 2016

Charging Forward: Electric Cars

As all types of vehicles: private cars, commercial vans and even public transport, tend to be making the jump to electric. Manufacturers have found that the main difficulty tends to be the tedious task of charging your vehicle.

At the moment, the average electric car can average around 100 miles dependant on the use and even the type of accessories being used. This is fantastic for any local trips down the shops. However, what happens if you want to travel further?

What if you could charge your vehicle on the go without having an incredibly long charging lead?

Well a couple of manufacturers have been researching further into wireless charging. A few models which you can currently purchase with wireless charging capabilities include:

  • Chevrolet Volt
  • Nissan Leaf
  • Cadillac ELR

The wireless charging pads to be installed at your home address currently average around £1000 including fitting.

Other Applications

In April, BMW tested a new charging function for their Pace Car. When not out on track, it park onto a pad which will wirelessly charge the car. This will mean that the car can have smaller batteries, decreasing the vehicle weight and increasing performance.

What’s Next?

Using technology similar to BMW with their pace-car, Scania are researching into putting their wireless system into the streets of Södertälje, Sweden. These would be installed under bus stops meaning that the raneg of buses would be extended at each stop.

This new system, which is due to be switched on June 2016, could save the city up to 90% of fuel costs, as well as being quieter and more environmentally friendly.

Highways England is also interested in this new technology. However, they have bigger plans for wireless charging.

They plan to have a dedicated lane on a motorway which has wireless chargers built under the road. These would charge electric vehicles on the move and greatly increasing the range.

Does this mean you could potentially drive across the UK without having to stop?

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