White Van Insurance

White Van Insurance allows you to cover your white van for any damages or repairs as a result of theft, fire, flood or peril. Get the best White Van Insurance quote today.

RAC Roadside Assistance Breakdown Cover
Handbag and gadget cover
Claim Assistance
Accidental death and permanent disability cover

What kind of cover can I get?

Third Party Only – this is the most basic cover and allows you to pay any compensation out of your insurance to any damages caused to third parties as a result of your vehicle including pedestrians, other vehicles and property. This does not provide any cover for your own van.

Third Party, Fire & Theft – here you are covered for third parties damages but also any claims you need to make for your white van as a result of fire or theft.

Fully Comprehensive – this is the highest level of cover which insures third parties, fire, theft and any other perils to your own vehicle.

Contents & Tool Insurance – this will cover any personal items that you leave in your vehicle that get lost or stolen. Tool Insurance will cover you specifically for any valuable tools or equipment that you need for work and require replacing.

  • About White Vans in the UK

    White vans typically refer to smaller sized commercial vans run by independent sole traders including plumbers, builders, locksmiths, gardeners, handymen and electricians

    There are approximately 2.5 million white vans in the UK and they are very much a part of the British culture.

    From an insurance perspective, the average cost for insurance for white vans is £2,210 a year for men under 22. As per EU legislation back in 2013, men and women are required to pay the same for white van insurance where in the past, women paid less as on average were safer drivers.

    See below for further information:
    Autonetinsurance | The Telegraph |

Why do I need White Van Insurance?

The reason you need White Van Insurance is because as a tradesman, it’s very likely that you will have expensive tools in the back of your vehicle at most times which may be targeted by thieves. The average value of a white van’s contents is £1,026. As a result, you need to keep your van and its contents insured so you don’t have to spend lots to replace them and can still do your job.

In addition, white vans are used to doing a lot of driving to go to different jobs. In fact, the average white van in the UK drives 9426 miles per year. Some of this driving may be in the early hours of the morning, late at night and on busy motorways and poorly lit roads. These factors will increase the chances of being involved in an accident and so having insurance protects your vehicle from any potential damages or repairs.

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