Tipper Insurance

Tipper Insurance provides cover for any repairs or replacements to your tipper truck and any damages caused to third parties.

RAC Roadside Assistance Breakdown Cover
Handbag and gadget cover
Claim Assistance
Accidental death and permanent disability cover

Tipper trucks are used mainly for construction businesses to transport loose materials such as sand and gravel.

Since they are vital to any construction project, having the necessary cover in place is important to avoid business interruptions and to cover the cost of any damages and repairs.

A tipper truck is characterized by having a front cab and an open bed box at the rear, which can easily be filled with gravel and other materials. To unload this box, the person in the driver’s seat can raise the platform at its front end and simply deposit the materials on the ground behind the truck. The most common and well-known tipper truck is the Ford Transit Tipper.

Tipper Insurance tends to cost more than your average van insurance because of the size of tipper trucks. Replacing and repairing a tipper truck is expensive because of the all the mechanics involved, particularly the hydraulic pistons to lift the front of the box. Plus, the valuable parts are prone to being targeted by thieves.

  • Insurance for Tipper Trucks

    Simply because Tipper Truck Insurance is usually expensive doesn’t mean that we can’t find you the best deals available. By calling us today, you will speak to one of our insurance experts based in Hampshire who will ask a few basic questions about the drivers and tipper trucks that you want to put on the policy. Based on this, we will compare the different rates in the market to find the right policy for you.

    Other than comparing the prices with leading van insurers to get you the best deal, we are always looking for ways to reduce the price of your premium. For instance, if you have more than one tipper truck, see how much you can save by putting them all under one policy by applying for fleet insurance.

    All calls are completely free of charge from landlines.

  • What is Tipper Insurance?

    If you’re a business owner, you will most likely want a fully comprehensive policy to ensure the transit tipper is fully covered for damages to the vehicle, to third parties, fire, theft and flood.

    Since a tipper can be vital on a construction site, the last thing you want is to have a tipper truck out of use and causing interruption to your business. But having cover in place allows you to get any repairs fixed quickly and all the costs are covered by your insurance.

    When it comes to third parties, if your tipper or its actions accidently cause injury to a pedestrian or damage some property, your insurance can cover the cost of any claims made. Without insurance, you would have to incur expensive legal fees and damages which could potentially cost the company thousands of pounds.

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