Goods in Transit Insurance

Goods in Transit Insurance (GIT) provides cover for any damages or theft to your goods that you are transporting for business purposes. As a leading broker, we compare a range of deals and discounts to help find the best policy for you.

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If you drive a van or pickup truck and get paid to deliver personal goods, materials or cargo, you will likely need Goods in Transit Insurance.

In the event that the goods you are carrying are damaged or stolen, you want to have the right cover in place to protect your business and income.

If you courier items for other companies and clients, your standard van insurance will not provide sufficient cover for the damages to other peoples’ goods. This is why you will need Goods in Transit protection, which can be taken out as a completely separate policy on its own.

  • What Will My Insurance Cover?

    Your policy can replace or reimburse you for any items that are damaged, lost or stolen in transit. Policyholders can insure numerous drivers and vehicles, ideal if you’re running a courier company. You will be required to pay excess, which refers to how much you will pay if you make a claim. If you have an excess of £500 and claimed £2,000 worth of goods, you would pay your £500 excess and the insurance company we introduce you to would pay the remaining £1,500.

  • What is not included in Goods in Transit Insurance?

    Not included in GIT Insurance are your own goods because this policy only covers the goods that belong to your customers. Therefore, a typical policy would not cover your personal electronics or tools. Fortunately, by applying for insurance through Call Wiser, you will receive free mobile phone and gadget cover as part for the policy. Another thing to consider is if you transport goods outside of the UK, you will need to select a policy to cover your goods abroad. If you are looking to get insurance for your own goods kept in your vehicle, you can speak to one of our advisors who can help.

  • What is the cost of Goods in Transit Insurance?

    The average cost of Goods in Transit insurance is around £200 per year. However, the premium you pay will largely depend on the size and condition of your vehicle and the quantity and type of goods that you transport.

    If you transport a lot of expensive items on a regular basis, this may increase the cost of your premium. Your mileage will always be taken into consideration as those that do the most miles are always considered at a higher risk of an accident. This is based on spending more time on the road and would likely be more prone to accidents. Those that  courier more goods and have to meet deadlines may also be at a greater risk of making a claim.

    To make your premium cheaper, it is vital that your vehicle or van has strong security features in place to limit potential theft. This includes adding extra locks, cameras, trackers and immobilisers to your vehicle – so even if the goods are stolen, you may be able to track down the thieves and the cargo. If you can prove to your insurer that you have these added features in place, they will lower the cost of your policy accordingly.

    To keep the cost or your premium down, you can always choose to pay a higher excess because agreeing to pay a little more in the event of making a claim, your insurer will thank you with a lower premium.

    If you run a company that regularly transports goods on behalf of clients, you can apply for one of our business insurance policies or if you already have an existing policy, you may find that it is cheaper to add it on top.

    At Call Wiser, we are a leading insurance broker for Goods in Transit Insurance. We work with a panel of the top insurance companies in the UK and if you call us today, we can compare the best deals to find the right policy for you. Our team of insurance experts are in our offices in Hampshire, ready to take your calls. At Call Wiser, we are passionate about making the entire application process as smooth as possible. We ensure that the amount of paperwork to fill in and send off is limited and is mostly handled online so that there is no delay. You can speak to a consultant at anytime to ask questions.

Haulage Insurance

Haulage insurance covers any heavy or light haulage that you transport from theft or damage. Your premium will based on the following factors:

  • Number of vans and drivers on the policy;
  • Size and condition of vehicle;
  • Security features;
  • Quantity and type of goods, and;
  • Annual mileage.

Comparing different deals available, we scour the market to find you the best deal. We are used to working with all different requirements and are happy to find a policy tailored to your needs. All calls are free from landlines so why not call today for a free and no obligation quote?

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