Classic Van Insurance

Classic Van Insurance allows you to cover your vintage van in the event of any accidents or damages. Whether you use your classic van for personal use or on display, having the right insurance for your vehicle is essential and Call Wiser can help find a policy to suit your individual needs.

RAC Roadside Assistance Breakdown Cover
Handbag and gadget cover
Claim Assistance
Accidental death and permanent disability cover

There are different definitions of what defines a ‘classic van.’

Most insurers consider a van that is over 20 years old is considered a ‘classic’ whereas the Department of Transport consider a classic van to be over 30 years of age.

Regardless of age, a classic van like a vintage Ford Transit, Bedford CF or Vauxhall Chevanne is a work of art and if you’re lucky to own one, it’s a great mode of transport on the weekends or a great thing to show off at car shows.

However, all vehicles on the road need to be insured or the driver will be faced with a hefty fine and penalty points (Source: Therefore, having insurance for classic vans is essential from a legal standpoint but also to keep your prized possession covered from any potential accidents, damages, theft, fire, flood or other perils.

  • The cost of Classic Van Insurance

    The cost of insurance for classic vans will depend on a number of factors. Generally, Classic Van Insurance needn’t be expensive because they tend to do low mileage and insurers believe that owners will always take good care of these vehicles and not use them to haul goods. If you only drive your vintage van occasionally, you may be able to cover this under Private Van Insurance.

    However, Vintage Van Insurance can become expensive if you have a very rare and modified van and it is costly and hard to replace various parts. Also, if your van does not have adequate security measures in place, it may be vulnerable to thieves and this can increase the cost of your premium.

  • Getting the Cheapest Cover

    The best way to lower the cost of your insurance premium is to add safety features to your classic vehicle because this will make it harder to steal and reduce the chances of you making a claim. As a result, your insurer will be able to insure you for a lower cost.

    In addition, it is important to come to an ‘agreed valuation’ with your insurer rather than a market valuation. If you consider that the market causes cars and vans to depreciate in price the older they are, this should not be the case for classic vehicles which should actually be worth more over time. Subsequently, you can arrange an ‘agreed value’ with your insurer so that if your van is stolen or damaged, you can claim compensation for what its really worth – otherwise, you may not have enough money to restore it.

    Another way to reduce the cost is if you have more than one van or classic vehicle, you can put them under one policy and this will reduce the cost per vehicle.

    If you are a real classic van enthusiast, you can join a classic van club which is verified by some insurers and can provide a discount of up to 20%.

  • What Cover Is Not Included In Caravan Insurance?

    There are several things not included in caravan insurance so it is important to read through your final documents carefully being proceeding.

    Usually not included is wear and tear, using the vehicle for business purposes (as you will require business insurance), vermin or infestation and failing to impose security measures i.e leaving doors or windows open.

  • Motorhomes Insurance

    Insurance for motorhomes is a legal requirement in the UK because it is used on UK roads (Source: If you have a motorhome which is out of use, you can get a Statutory Off Road Notification with the DVLA to declare the vehicle off-road and can be exempt of tax and insurance.

    For motorhomes, you will require slightly different cover than a trailer caravan. As you live in it, you will also require buildings and contents insurance to cover any outside repairs and all your valuables inside.

    The cost of your premium will depend on how much mileage you do, the size of your motorhome, the drivers and their experience. Above all, the security features are very important and if you have adequate alarms and locks, this will reduce your premium as it makes your motorhome less likely to be stolen or robbed.

Call Wiser offers Classic Van Insurance

One of the best ways to save money on your Classic Van Insurance is to find a quote through a comparison site. By applying through Call Wiser, as a leading independent broker, we are able to search the market for the most competitive prices for your classic, vintage van.

Working with a panel Van Insurance specialists in the UK, we will be able to find you the best quote tailored to your needs. We simply require a few minutes of your time on the phone so we can understand a bit more about you, your van and your mileage.

Our team of insurance experts are based in our head offices in Andover, Hampshire and they are ready to take your call. All phone calls and enquiries are completely free from both landlines so why not call today for a free no obligation quote?

We are passionate about helping you insure your vintage van and we can help you get extra cover too such as agreed value cover or protection if the van is transported and displayed at car shows.

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