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By having a caravan insurance policy in place, you can enjoy your holiday and travel around the country or Europe knowing that your vehicle and belongings are fully covered.

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At Call Wiser, we work with a panel of the top insurance providers in the UK meaning that we can compare caravan insurance from a number of policies and find the best deal for you.

We believe its better to talk because it allows us to find out exactly what you need and get the right cover for you. By speaking to our advisors, we will ask you a few simple questions about the model you wish to insure and other factors such as the driver’s details, where you drive, mileage and the security features.

The cost of your cover will depend on the risk of you and your vehicle being involved in a claim. For instance, if you are touring around the country and Europe, this will increase the cost of your premium as you are likely to be doing a lot of mileage, driving long hours and coming into contact with a lot of vehicles and unfamiliar roads. By comparison, if you have a static caravan in a caravan park or holiday park, it will cost less as you are not travelling anyway and provided you have adequate security features, your premium will be very low.

We are pleased to offer competitive quotes for the following:

Static caravan insurance
Touring caravan insurance
Campervan insurance
Motorhome insurance
Trailer insurance
RV insurance
  • Does a Caravan Need To Be Insured?

    Whether or not a caravan needs insurance depends on the type you have. A caravan that is towed behind your car such as a touring caravan does not need to be insured and this may actually be included in your third party car insurance policy. However, you must double check this with your car insurer and also inform them if you add a trailer to your vehicle as trying to make future claims may not be validated.

    Static caravans do not legally require cover because they are not be driven on UK roads and therefore do not pose a risk to any other drivers or pedestrians.

    However, given the fact that most touring and static vans are expensive to purchase and are likely to have valuable contents inside, it is important to have cover in place.

    In the event of a fire, burglary or damages on the road, you will not be able to claim compensation without insurance and pay to make repairs and replacements out of your own pocket. Therefore, the more you invest into your caravan lifestyle, the more important it is to have insurance.

  • What Cover Is Included?

    The following cover is available for caravans:

    Storm or flood damage: In the event of a storm or flood, your vehicle can be repaired or replaced, new for old.

    Accidental damage: If something damages your trailer or van at a holiday park or there are damages due to adverse weather conditions, your cover will be able to reimburse any repair fees.

    Theft or vandalism: Should your trailer or van be stolen or vandalized, your cover will provide replacement or compensation.

    Public liability: This provides compensation to the member of the public if your trailer or van accidently damages them personally or their property. For instance, if your trailer gets disconnected from your car on the road, and crashes into a vehicle or building, your public liability cover will pay for this. The cover available is usually worth up to £5 million.

    European cover: Popular for holidays, you are insured to drive your van and insure your belongings in EU and non-EU countries.

    Family and friend cover: You have the opportunity to add friends and family to drive your van or vehicle too – which is ideal for long journeys and holidays.

    Agreed value: You can get agreed value cover with your insurer as some campervans may become worth more over time due to fashion or their vintage look. By agreeing the value beforehand, you can claim compensation for the real value of the van and not a depreciated value.

  • What Cover Is Not Included In Caravan Insurance?

    There are several things not included in caravan insurance so it is important to read through your final documents carefully being proceeding.

    Usually not included is wear and tear, using the vehicle for business purposes (as you will require business insurance), vermin or infestation and failing to impose security measures i.e leaving doors or windows open.

  • Motorhomes Insurance

    Insurance for motorhomes is a legal requirement in the UK because it is used on UK roads (Source: If you have a motorhome which is out of use, you can get a Statutory Off Road Notification with the DVLA to declare the vehicle off-road and can be exempt of tax and insurance.

    For motorhomes, you will require slightly different cover than a trailer caravan. As you live in it, you will also require buildings and contents insurance to cover any outside repairs and all your valuables inside.

    The cost of your premium will depend on how much mileage you do, the size of your motorhome, the drivers and their experience. Above all, the security features are very important and if you have adequate alarms and locks, this will reduce your premium as it makes your motorhome less likely to be stolen or robbed.

Ways To Save Money On Your Quote

Other than comparing a number of policies at once, Call Wiser has other smart ways to save you money. We have access to a number of introductory offers so that you can get a discount on a new policy. We also look at the levels of excess cover and calculate how much voluntary excess you can pay to bring down the cost effectively.

For caravans specifically, you can receive an automatic discount if you belong to a group of caravan enthusiasts such as The Caravan Club.

Other smart ways to bring down your cost including adding security features to your caravan to lower the risk of it being stolen or burgled. This includes clamping the wheels when it is static or not in use, adding a Thatcham-approved alarm, putting locks on the door and installing a tracker in the vehicle. Insurers will consider these great reasons to give you the cheapest quote possible.

Useful information

If you have a full drivers license, you are legally able to drive a trailer weighing more than 750kg but less than 3,500kg without further driving tests. (Source:

However, if you passed your driving test after 1 January 1997, you may be required to take an additional driving exam to tow a caravan. This is known as the B+E test and costs £115 to take.

All caravans require an MOT and will be taxed if they weigh more than 750kg, so light vehicles are exempt.

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