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A no claims discount (NCD) can be hugely valuable in reducing what could otherwise be dauntingly expensive insurance premiums. However, to have an NCD, you need to avoid making claims on your insurance. Hence, there are various reasons why you might not have an NCD.

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For example, you might be a new driver.

Alternatively, you might be named on a multi car insurance policy but not on its account. Other possibilities include that you have recently completed a driving ban or been driving a particular vehicle, like a company vehicle, which has ruled you out for an NCD.

In any of these situations, you could be eager to earn your own NCD – especially as it could lower your car insurance premiums by as much as 65%. An NCD can grow with every year that you avoid making a claim,  reaching its maximum level when you have spent nine years claim-free.

Even if you are not eligible for an NCD, we can still help you cut the price of your car insurance via a range of means. As a major independent broker, we work with a panel of the UK’s major insurers to give you access to various attractive policies, introductory discounts and schemes.

Furthermore, by sourcing insurance with us at Call Wiser, you can also benefit from free breakdown cover and claim assistance, not to mention insurance for your handbag and gadgets.

More Information

  • Finished a Driving Ban

    If you have been convicted of a motoring offence and only just finished a resulting ban on driving, you will neither have an NCD nor be eligible for one. However, as we work with specialist insurers, we can still assist you in accessing the car insurance market’s best deals.

    Furthermore, we will advise how – if you make your vehicle more secure, restrict how many miles you drive or increase your excess cover – you can unlock more discounts.

  • Named on Another Policy

    Perhaps your car is insured through a multi car policy, the account for which does not name you as the vehicle’s driver. Sadly, this would exempt you from eligibility for an NCD. Your car may be insured under such a policy if, for example, many members of your household have their own cars and so a head of that household, like a parent, has decided to insure several cars under one policy.

    However, if you get in touch with one of our friendly and experienced advisors here at Call Wiser, they can help you set up a new account and find the most financially appealing deal possible for your car insurance – even despite your lack of a no claims discount.

  • New Drivers

    If you are about to start driving or have only recently started doing so, you will also not have a no claims discount – for the simple reason that you have not been on the road sufficiently long to be eligible for an NCD. Indeed, the maximum NCD would not become available to you until you have been insured for at least five years – and you would no longer be a “new” driver after so many years!

    Still, you could save money on your insurance premiums. This is because we work with some insurers who offer what is called an “accelerated bonus”. This would let you start picking up no claims discounts in just 10 to 12 months instead of the usual five years.

  • What is No Claims Discount?

    A no claims discount is basically a price cut to your premiums. As the name suggests, you earn a no claims discount by not making claims. For each 12-month insurance period that you spend without making a claim, the discount grows. The year-by-year percentage reductions are, on average:

    • 30% after 1 year
    • 40% after 2 years
    • 50% after 3 years
    • 60% after 4 years
    • 65% after 5 years

    However, you don’t have to wait before contacting us now to receive no claims bonus insurance quotes that are financially rewarding.

Our Promise

It's easy to fret that, as you lack a no claims discount, you may have to pay through the nose for car insurance - at least for the foreseeable future.

However, we would like to reassure you that, with our help, you can find a car insurance policy that is far from extortionate.

Working with a panel of the leading insurers within the UK, we can offer you various schemes and discounts that can save you not only money but also time and effort.

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