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If you are a student at college or university, we offer car insurance specially designed to meet particular needs directly relating to the lifestyle and responsibilities of students.

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What cover is available?

There are various levels of student car insurance available. You should factor in your specific needs when trying to decide what to select from the following types of cover:

Third party: This is the lowest level of insurance you can take while still satisfying the law. It would, however, cover you only for accidents occurring to third parties – like pedestrians and other drivers.

Third party and fire, flood and theft: The next highest tier of cover, this would also enable you to make a claim if your car is damaged by fire or flooding or is stolen.

Fully comprehensive: The highest level of insurance, it covers all of the same risks as the other two tiers, along with any other damage – not just that caused by fire or flooding – to your vehicle.

Temporary cover: This can keep you covered for less than the usual duration of a year. Hence, it is suitable should you only require cover for a few days or weeks – perhaps for a holiday or short trip.

Save money on your policy

If you are young, it can be difficult to take out car insurance at an attractive price.

The yearly cost of such insurance for a young driver can reach £3,000. Such seemingly extortionate costs can be attributed to the little experience that young drivers have on the road; they are deemed likelier to have an accident.

However, we offer the most appealing rates possible – and can provide further advice for cutting insurance premiums. Complete a Pass Plus course, and you will have an additional driving qualification that our insurers recognise; thus, you may be entitled to a discount on your premium.

That qualification will verify the safety of your driving, as could having a telematics box installed in your vehicle. This technology can monitor various aspects of your driving – and, if it indicates that your driving is sufficiently safe, lead to a reduction in your premium.

Please call us today, and we can help you find a pleasing quote for student car insurance.

More Information

  • Legal requirements

    It is legally necessary to be insured before you can drive a car on UK roads. Therefore, student car insurance can assist you in the following situations:

    Journeying between home and university: If the two are hours apart by road, we can help ensure that you are covered for journeys between them – whether during or in-between terms.

    Making occasional trips: These could be as part of your course, for weekend getaways, or even travels to festivals with your friends. With our assistance, you can get insurance that will cover you for driving in the UK and perhaps be applicable for travels elsewhere in Europe as well.

    Driving around campus: If your college or university campus features many sparsely located buildings, you might want or need to drive between them – and this would require insurance. Student car insurance can also cover you for driving to local places like restaurants and the gym.

    Driving during a work placement: If your course takes you on a work placement for a term or year, insurance rates specially intended for students remain available.

  • Student discount car insurance

    Discounts are widely available for students when they are seeking to spend money on the likes of clothing and cinema trips. There are also deals on car insurance available just for students. You may be able to unlock those deals by proving your student status or providing an NUS card.

  • University student car insurance

    If you are currently reading for an undergraduate, Masters degree or PhD, you could take advantage of a special premium arranged by us at Call Wiser.

    Your premium is likely to be especially good if you already have several years’ experience of driving and, thus, are considered less likely to make a claim. Students over the age of 25 can usually take advantage of better rates – and, if these students have already spent years as drivers without making claims on their insurance, a no claims bonus.

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