Short Term & Temporary Car Insurance

Short-term and temporary car insurance policies allow you to insure a vehicle for between 1 day and 6 months.

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At Call Wiser, we work with the UK’s leading car insurance providers to help find a policy that not only meets your requirements but also your budget.

A typical car insurance policy will last at least 12 months, but temporary cover allows you peace of mind on those occasions where you need a vehicle for a short amount of time.

Working with the leading policymakers in the UK means that Call Wiser are able to find you a great price on short term car insurance. You can choose between all levels of cover including:

  • Third Party
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft
  • Fully Comprehensive

To get the best policy price

Call one of our experienced and friendly advisors. We’ll need some basic details from you so we can compare the best policies. These include:

Drivers License Details
Vehicle Registration Details


To be eligible for temporary or short term car insurance you will also need to meet the following requirements:

Must be over 18 Years of Age
Hold a valid UK Driver’s License for at least 6 Months
Be a UK Resident
Have Permission to use the Vehicle

More Information

  • 1 Day Car Insurance

    If you need car insurance for one day, we can also provide a range of quotes suitable to your needs. A Common use of one-day car insurance includes insuring a vehicle when moving home.

    One day car insurance can start from as little as £10, a small price to pay for peace of mind knowing you are covered in the unfortunate event of an accident. Driving on the road without insurance in the UK is illegal and could result in hefty fines, 6 penalty points and a driving ban. (Source: Govt).

    If you’re looking for the best one-day car insurance quotes, give our team a call today and Call Wiser will find you the best price.

  • Temporary Car Insurance for Young Drivers under 18, 21 and 25

    Whether you fall into the under 18, 21 or 25 age brackets, it’s very common for younger people to need temporary or short term car insurance. Common uses for younger drivers include borrowing cars to attend events such as festivals, weekends away or travelling back and forth from university.

    There are some restrictions on temporary car insurance for younger drivers and eligibility requires you to have held a valid UK driver’s license for at least 6 months, so this may not apply to all people under 18. In addition to this, the insurers will review the vehicle you are looking to insure, and any previous claims you might have.

    As a young driver, it’s typical for insurance policies to be a little higher than the average. However, at Call Wiser, we specialise in car insurance for young drivers and our teams will compare an array of quotations to ensure you get the best price on the policy you need.

  • Short Term Cover For Business Use

    Many scenarios come up in day to day business where a need for a vehicle arises. Common uses of temporary car insurance for businesses include moving offices, team events and travelling to and from tradeshows.

    Short-term business vehicle insurance can be purchased across the three policy types; third party, third party, fire and theft and fully comprehensive. We recommend fully comprehensive as a standard as this, in the unlikely event of an accident, will cover your vehicle, other vehicles and pedestrians on the road.

    As a bonus, you can also add on additional named drivers so if your journey is a long one, you can share the driving with your colleagues.

    Alongside that, it is also essential that you have contents insurance so anything in your vehicle including computers, files, machinery or sensitive information is covered in case of loss or damage.

  • Things You Should Know

    At Call Wiser our customers are number one, so we’ve put together some key points you should be aware of when taking out a policy for short-term or temporary car insurance:

    • If you are looking for temporary car insurance because you’re borrowing a car from family or friends, and this could be happening on a regular basis, an alternative would be for that person to add you as a named driver on an existing policy or get a multi-car insurance policy.
    • If you have a short-term policy and are involved in an accident, this will not affect YOUR no claims bonus. However, if you are borrowing someone else’s car and are involved in an accident, this may affect their no claims bonus and increase their future car insurance premiums.
    • Temporary car insurance is designed only to be a temporary solution to cover. You will have the option to extend the cover longer than 30 days, but you cannot continue to renew a temporary policy as a substitute for year-long cover. It is now illegal to do this.
    • Did you know that the average cost of yearly car insurance with Call Wiser is £599.83? Across a year this works out at around £1.50 per day, compared to a minimum of £10 for short-term cover. The message here is that short-term cover is cost-effective but only when used in its intended way, a short time.
    • The same things apply when applying for short-term cover as a standard policy and insurers will take into account any previous convictions such as drink driving, driving without insurance and other penalties when providing a quote.

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Whatever the circumstances surrounding your need for temporary car insurance

With Call Wiser, our expert teams are on hand to make sure you get the best possible price for your policy. Get a quote today by calling us.

Also as a standard with every policy through Call Wiser, you’ll also get breakdown cover, handbag and mobile phone cover and claim assistance all free with your policy.

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