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Multi Car Insurance allows you to insure more than one vehicle on the same policy and receive a big discount when you do. Typically, you can insure up to 5 or 10 vehicles on one single policy so you can insure your own vehicle and any others that belong to your family and friends. You’ll have less admin and only one single renewal date every year so call us today for free

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At Call Wiser, we can tailor your multi car policy specifically for your needs, using different insurance providers and adding different levels of cover and dates so that it significantly brings down the price.

Multi car policies are popular for families with several cars but this probably means that they have different vehicles and requirements. For instance, the father might have a sports car and his teenage daughter may drive a low performance starter car. So by purchasing insurance from more than one provider, we are able to get the best price for each individual vehicle, which makes our customers happy.

We proudly work with a panel of the leading insurers in the UK. To receive a free quote, simply give us a call. Our dedicated team of insurance experts are based in Andover, Hampshire and ready to take your call.

On top of getting you a great discount, we have a range of introductory bonuses for new customers including free breakdown cover from the RAC, free handbag and wallet cover, handbag and gadget cover and free claim assistance.

We can also provide a quote for multi vehicle insurance so if you have different vehicle types then one policy may work out cheaper than insuring them separately.

Information we require:

No. of drivers
Driver details
Purpose of driving
Vehicle information
Safety features
Claims history
Driving offences
Renewal dates

Renewing Your Policy

When it comes to renewing your policy at the end of the year, instead of simply giving you the same price and cover as before, we will take information from the last year and see if we can get you a better deal.

There are several things that might change when your policy comes up for renewal. For instance, if you have been driving claim-free, you may be eligible for a no claims discount. Also, if you have some young drivers on the policy that are now a year older and little more experienced on the road, this might bring down the cost of your insurance. Other factors that might lower the cost include:

  • Less mileage
  • Change of address
  • Change of vehicle
  • New rates offered by insurers

Who is a multi car insurance policy for?

Multi car insurance is ideal for households with 2 or more cars, which is currently more than 50% of the UK population ( Our typical customers include:

  • Partners, married or unmarried at the same address
  • Partners at different addresses
  • Family homes
  • Family homes with children that drive
  • Family homes where children drive but study or live away from home
  • Young professionals or colleagues that flat-share or house-share
  • Friends and family at different addresses

All types of vehicles including cars, vans and bikes are eligible to go under the same policy.

Multicar insurance is not necessarily for drivers at the same address – you can insure family and friends from around the country on the same policy too, including aunts, uncles and grandparents.

Policyholders do not have to be related and can include friends, colleagues, housemates and students.

In addition, you could personally own more than one car for yourself (e.g you can have a work car and a classic car for weekends) and decide to put a number of cars under the same policy because it is more cost effective to do so.

What If Our Vehicles Have Different Inception Dates?

Since insurance policies typically last for 12 months, we typically wait for the last vehicle on the multicar policy to be up for renewal.

All the other cars on the policy are given short term car insurance in the interim. So when the last vehicle’s insurance is ready, we can put all the vehicles under the same policy for the same amount of time.

For example, if you have one car on the policy that is up for renewal in March and another in July, the first vehicle will have temporary cover for a few months and then the policy will begin in July.

If the drivers don’t want temporary cover during this time, they can choose to drive other cars provided that they are a named driver.

Things you should know

It might be very costly for some households to pay insurance for a number of vehicles in one lump sum. For this reason, you can decide to pay in monthly instalments, although it might be more expensive overall to do so, or you can ask for separate renewal dates to spread the cost.

When it comes to adding new drivers to your policy, you need to look at their current renewal date. Ideally, you want the new driver to be on the same 12-month schedule as everyone else on the multi car policy. So finding out when their current deal runs out is important and for those that expire sooner than others, it is common to add them as named drivers or provide temp insurance in the meantime.

What Affects The Cost Of Your Policy

To ensure you get the best quote possible, we will ask you to provide a few basic details regarding the drivers and their vehicles - as these are factors that affect the cost of your policy.

  • The car insurance group

    All cars belong to different car insurance groups ranging from 1-50 and the higher the category of the car, the more expensive the policy usually is. So if you have sports cars or 4 x 4s, this could increase the cost of your policy.

    When you apply, we will require information about all the vehicles you wish to put on the policy including the make, model, year, engine size and mileage.

  • Age of drivers – claims history

    When assessing your quote, we will need to consider the age of all the drivers, their level of experience and claims history. We will take into consideration that if there is a young driver on the policy, we may need to put them with a different provider to the other drivers so that it doesn’t make the premium too high.

    You will need to select a ‘main driver’ for the account and this should usually be a more experienced driver with a low claims history. It implies that they will do the most driving and due to their experience, it indicates to the insurer that there is a low risk of making future claims. (Source: Moneywise)

  • Multi car vs individual policies

    When processing your application, we calculate up the cost of taking out an individual policy on your vehicle over a Multi Car option. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do so providing you with a cost effective solution is our number one priority.

  • Insurance history

    If there are drivers on the policy that have avoided making claims over the last few years, they may be eligible for a no claims bonus which includes a huge discount on their premium of up to 80%. At Call Wiser, we may be able to pass on the no claims bonus for the second vehicle too.

    Other aspects of their insurance history we require include any driving offences such as drink driving or driving without insurance. Our insurers need to get an idea of the risk associated with each driver.

How can I save money with Call Wiser?

You could potentially save up to a third off your premium by opting for a multi-car insurance policy with Call Wiser Insurance, with the extra benefit of having your insurance policies all under one roof:

  • You can share the No Claims Discount that you earn
  • You will receive further discounts from us by insuring more than one vehicle with us
  • You will receive special discounts just simply for owning more than one vehicle
  • You will have peace of mind by having all of your policy’s under one secure roof

As part of the policy, you get to choose the level of cover and excess for each vehicle, which is great for different incomes and risk appetites. Some household members will do more mileage than others so will require different levels of cover.

In terms of excess, if you pay a higher voluntary excess on your insurance, it can significantly lower the cost of your insurance. However, some drivers are more prone to claims than others and some don’t have the finance available to pay a high voluntary cover. Therefore it’s beneficial that our policies let you choose your excess for every driver and vehicle.

One of the best things you can do to save money is to increase the safety features because this means that the vehicles are at less risk of theft. Consider adding tracking devices to the vehicles or keeping the vehicles covered overnight or in a garage as this will reduce the cost of your premium.

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