Learner Driver & Provisional Insurance

If you have only recently obtained a provisional driving licence and are about to start learning how to drive, keep in mind that any car you drive must be insured for use on UK roads. This is a legal requirement, whether the car will be your own or one belonging to your parents.

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At Call Wiser, we can help you to overcome this challenge, as we can work with a panel of major insurers to find a suitable quote.

You can take out your own insurance for this vehicle; however, for a learner driver, finding car insurance that represents true value for money can be difficult.

More Information

  • Why Do Learner Drivers Need Car Insurance?

    If you are aged 17 or older, you are eligible for a provisional licence. However, you would still need to pass a driving test to receive a full licence. In learning to drive, you should – as stated on GOV.UK – take at least 47 hours of professional instruction and privately practice for about a further 20 hours.

    However, while you are learning, you pose a risk to your vehicle and others due to your inexperience on the road. Learner drivers are responsible for about 3,000 accidents a year, says GOV.UK. While your professional driving instructor will already have insurance for the car they let you use, when you are instead using your own car or a friend or relative’s, you must check that it is insured.

  • How Much Does It Cost?

    Thanks to some insurance specialists we work with, learner driver insurance can be as inexpensive as £2.50 a day. However, various factors affect the price of such insurance. An especially crucial factor is the vehicle’s size and car insurance group, which can be anything from 1 to 50.

    The car insurance groups were devised by the ABI Group Rating Panel as a means of more easily determining how different vehicles vary in their risk to insurers. Group 1 represents the least risky vehicles, while high-end cars are usually put in group 50, being more expensive to repair. Insurers can also – in judging risk and so devising a quote – take into account the driver’s age.

  • What Cover Is Available?

    There are three levels of insurance available for learner drivers:

    • Third party only
    • Third party, fire and theft
    • Fully comprehensive

    The legal requirement is for insurance of at least third party cover. In the event of an accident, this insurance would provide financial assistance for other vehicles that are damaged or pedestrians who suffer injuries; it would not cover your own car damage or personal injuries.

    Third party, fire and theft insurance is identical to third party only, except that it would also let you claim for repairing or replacing your vehicle if it is damaged by fire or lost or stolen. The highest level of learner driver insurance is fully comprehensive; it would enable you to claim for damage of any kind that is inflicted on either your vehicle or others in an accident.

    When you get in touch with one of our fully trained and qualified insurance experts, you can discuss your requirements with them. It can then take us just minutes to source a competitive quote for you. All policies available through our company include free breakdown cover and cover for handbags, wallets, mobile phones and other gadgets.

  • Short Term Learner Drivers Insurance

    You might already have spent a long time practicing in a car that has been insured by someone else. Therefore, if you seek a new policy, you might only need it to be in place for a few weeks. In your situation, you could apply for what is known as short term or temporary provisional insurance, which can last for just a few days, weeks or months.

Cost-effective Policy

If you are looking for a cost-effective policy on learner driver car insurance, we invite you to phone us to speak to an advisor.

Alternatively, you can ask us to call you back. Another option is to apply through our website for an online quote.

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