Insurance for Collector Cars

If you're planning on driving your specialty car on UK roads, you are required by law to have a minimum of third party insurance.

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Do you need insurance for collector cars?

This will provide compensation to any other drivers, vehicles or pedestrians that you get into an accident with but it will not offer any cover towards any of your own personal injuries or restoring your vehicle. To upgrade this, you can apply for a fully comprehensive policy which is usually a similar price and will cover all third parties, your own vehicle and the driver too.

The only reason that you will not need insurance is if you declare your collector car off-road. Perhaps you only use it for show purposes, keep it stored in the garage or are having it restored. You will need to make a SORN with the DVLA and this will make you exempt from paying insurance.

However, the beauty of collectibles is that they go up in value over time, rather than depreciate in value like most vehicles. So whether you use your pride and joy on the road or not, it is important to protect your vehicle and investment from the risks of theft, loss, vandalism, fire, flood or other peril. Even keeping your vehicle in a garage can put it at risk from being stolen or something falling on it and causing damage.

Our insurers offer agreed value cover so that you can get a recent valuation of your collector car and receive the full compensation from the insurer if it is damaged, vandalized or stolen – not just what it is worth as a standard vehicle that loses value over time.

More Information

  • Cover for Transporting Your Collector Vehicle

    If your collector car is used in shows, exhibitions or films and is regularly transported from place to place, you can get specific cover for any damages.

    It is possible that your vehicle will get scratches or broken wing mirrors during transportation and having the necessary cover will allow you to claim for these damages and have them replaced in no time.

  • Insuring Your Collectors Car For A Specific Purpose

    If you are using your collector car for a particular event i.e wedding or show, our insurance partners can offer short term policies to cover your vehicle for that specific time.

    It may be a lot more cost effective to insure your car for a few days or weeks rather than pay for an entire annual policy.

  • Insure More Than One Vehicle

    If you have a collection of cars or perhaps run a showroom or exhibition, we allow customers to insure several vehicles under the same policy. Our policies are flexible and you can add your vehicles on a pro-rata basis, bringing them all within the same renewal date.

    By keeping everything under one account, this will reduce all the unnecessary paperwork and admin of looking after multiple vehicles. You will also save money too as you will receive a discount for every extra vehicle that you add to the policy.

  • How To Save Money On Your Policy

    Simply applying with a specialist provider will allow you to save money on your premium. At Call Wiser, we work with a panel of insurance companies who are used to offering all sorts of policies and we can compare the different prices for you so you can get the best deal.

    Our advisors will always find ways to help you save money on your policy. For example, any extra security you can add to prevent your vehicle being stolen will result in a lower premium. This includes keeping your collectibles in a garage overnight, adding surveillance and boosting the security features such as locks, alarms and immobilizers, which may not have been added on an old vehicle.

    Additional ways we help you save include looking at your excess cover and how paying more voluntary excess can help you save money. We can also consider limiting your annual mileage if you only drive during the weekends and summer months and this will help reduce the cost too.

    Our team of insurance experts are based in our head offices in Hampshire. We believe it’s better to talk on the phone so that we can understand your requirements better and find the right policy to suit your needs. With over 200,000 policies provided, we are only a phone call away and can be reached anytime or you can get an online quote here.

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