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If you are looking for insurance for an imported car, Japanese import, American import or left hand drive, we work with a number of specialist insurers to find the best policy for you.

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How Much Does Insurance Cost For Imported Vehicles?

Imported cars are typically more expensive than those cars built in the UK or EU due to:

  • Imported parts
  • Different specification
  • Left handed drivers
  • Foreign dashboard
  • Additional modifications

By owning an imported car, the insurer considers that replacements parts may need to be sent from overseas, increasing the cost of replacing them and the potential for them to be damaged during shipping. In the case of a supercar, it may require a specialist mechanic in order to make the repairs and this will only make your premium more expensive.

Cars that are produced in Japan or the US will have a different specification such as a left hand drive and for some insurers, they may consider this a higher risk of being involved in an accident. Similarly, as the dashboard might be in kilometres instead of miles, it could lead to speeding and a greater possibility of an accident.

For supercars and other classic cars imported from abroad, there may have been modifications made to the vehicle. This will typically increase the price of cover as modified cars with turbocharged engines, bumpers and paint jobs may require parts from overseas or specialist mechanics and become more costly to repair and replace.

When speaking to our insurance agents over the phone, we will need to know more about your vehicle so that we can get you the most accurate quote possible. This includes finding out the age, model, engine size, power, weight, output and modifications to the vehicle. To ensure that the car is legal to drive in the UK, some insurers will need the imported car to be accepted by the single vehicle approval scheme.

How To Save Money On Your Premium

Imported cars are very specific when it comes to insurance premiums, which is why you need to look at specialist policies.

As a leading UK broker, we have access to several quotes from leading providers; all in one place, and can find the best import car insurance company to put you in touch with.

We prefer to speak over the phone as it allows us to ask you follow up questions and get you a competitive quote as soon as possible. We have a dedicated team of insurance experts based in Andover, Hampshire and they are ready to take your call. For a free and no obligation quote, call us now, we are open 7 days a week.

At Call Wiser, we are passionate about helping you save money on your car insurance. In addition to comparing policies, we will include free breakdown cover, claim assistance, mobile phone, gadget and handbag cover too.


Other suggestions include adding safety features to your vehicle like keeping it in a garage overnight or adding a tracker so that it can be found quickly if stolen.

If you have avoided making a claim over the last few years, you may be eligible for a no claims discount that can save you up to 80% on your policy. Also, if you do little mileage and only use your imported car on the weekends or special occasions, this will also reduce the cost of your insurance.

Finally, if you belong to an imported car club such as the CJI, you may receive a discount off your bill – so be sure to mention this to the insurer that we put you in touch with.

More Information

  • Insurance for Grey Imports and Parallel Imports

    Insurance for imported cars fall under two categories: grey and parallel.

    Grey imports insurance is typically more expensive as it refers to cars that are built outside of the UK and EU. These are usually the more rare and desirable models such as classic cars, luxury vehicles, left hand drives and limited editions.

    Parallel cars are those that are manufactured in the EU so the specification and regulation is more likely to be similar to those in the UK. Therefore, the cost to insure them is not much greater as they are more parallel to those that we are used to. For British motorists, it might be cheaper to buy a car in the EU and also beat the UK waiting lists.

  • Imported cars are special for any motorist or car enthusiast

    The idea of driving a foreign car that you can’t find in the UK is very appealing, especially an American classic, supercar or high performance vehicle.

    However, car-buyers in the UK have become particularly interested in Japanese cars over the years. A domestic law means that their cars in Japan have to pass very strict laws to be road legal and this gets harder the older the car gets.

    So rather than scrap the car altogether, they can sell their vehicle abroad and it presents a good bargain for someone in the UK – especially since Japanese car brands such as Subaru, Mazda, Honda and Toyota are very popular in the UK with their traditional quality, high spec and low mileage.

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