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At Call Wiser, our policies are tailored specifically to offer car insurance for disabled drivers.

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Disabled drivers will commonly have their vehicle adapted so that they can drive effectively. For instance, they may have special hand controls, accelerators and swivel chairs added to their vehicle. Traditionally, insurance providers and online applications would automatically consider anything with a modification to enhance the vehicle and therefore, lead to a more expensive policy. However, adapting a vehicle for the disabled is very different to a boy racer adding a spoiler or engine tuning to their sports car. As part of the Disability Discrimination Act 2005, it is an offence for insurers to the refuse cover on the grounds of disability and charge higher premiums to drivers with disabilities.

Therefore, disabled drivers are now in a good position to access affordable premiums on their car insurance. Research from the disability charity Papworth Trust claim that disabled drivers commute 47% less than non-disabled drivers, making them less of a risk on the road and able to receive affordable policies. There are also special discounts available to Blue Badge holders for people who have mobility problems and need to park closer to where they are going.

Legal requirements for Disabled Drivers

Drivers have a legal obligation to tell the DVLA if they have any medical or disability issues that might affect their driving. If you have developed a condition since the last time your driver’s license was renewed, you will need to complete a form and send this to the DVLA.

Failing to do so puts your existing insurance policy at risk and also creates danger on the road for you and other drivers, hence it can lead to prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.

There are several types of health conditions that you must notify the DVLA with and depending on your Doctor’s consultation, you may not be allowed to drive for the time being.

The list of medical conditions includes things like schizophrenia, bipolar and heart problems.

Drivers that receive the highest rate of disability living allowance are also eligible to join the Motability Scheme where insurance cover is included for free with every car that is leased. However, if you do not meet this criteria, you will be required to apply for car insurance like everyone else.

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