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Laid up insurance provides cover for any vehicles that are not being used on the road. Although they can be used for any car, bike or van, they are particularly popular for classic cars.

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Even though you don’t you use classic model on the main roads, because they are valuable and often have a sentimental value, it is common to get laid up insurance cover to repair or replace the vehicle due to unforeseen circumstances including:

  • Theft
  • Fire, flood or peril
  • Damages e.g if you keep your classic car in your garage and something falls off a shelf and damages the vehicle.

Laid up insurance cover is not a legal requirement but it gives you the peace of mind that you can claim from your insurer if something bad happens to your classic car when it is not in use.

More Information

  • Do You Need Insurance For Vehicles Not In Use?

    No, you don’t need insurance for vehicles that are not driven on the road, provided that you have a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN). This is a document that is processed by the DVLA and recognizes that you have a vehicle that you keep off road.

    If you have a modern or classic vehicle that you use on UK roads, it is a legal requirement to have at least third party insurance. This will cover any other drivers or pedestrians that you may come into contact with, but not cover your own vehicle. Driving on the road in a vehicle without insurance is illegal as per the passing of the Continuous Enforcement Insurance law that was passed in 2011.

    Around half a million people were found driving without insurance during 2010 to 2013. If you are caught driving without insurance, it can lead to up to 6 penalty points, a fine of up to £1,000 and court prosecution.

    Above all, if you are involved in a road accident without insurance, you will not have the financial cushion of claiming from your insurer for personal or physical damages to your vehicles.

  • Insurance For SORN Vehicles

    If your car is declared SORN, you can choose to get laid up insurance to cover you for any potential damages, fires and theft. There is very little risk for insurance providers because you are not driving on the road or coming into contact with other vehicles – so the cost of laid up cover is usually very affordable.

    Further savings are available if you keep your vehicle in a garage because this is a good security feature and will reduce the likelihood of your vehicle being stolen.

    If you have declared a SORN and therefore your car is not being used, you can apply to the DVLA for reimbursement of your road tax which can potentially save you a few hundred pounds a year.

    If you want to drive your classic car just for the summer months, you can look at getting temporary car insurance. This will allow you to choose how many weeks and months you want to insure your vehicle for and it will be more affordable than taking out an annual policy.

Apply For Laid Up Insurance With Call Wiser

At Call Wiser, we work with over a panel of the UK's leading insurance providers to get the best quotes for you.

So whether you have a modern or classic car that you are keeping off-road, we are confident that we can find the best quotes for your laid up insurance cover.

We can provide you with flexibility – whether you prefer to drive your vehicle for certain times of the year or wish to pause and then restart your policy at any time, we can help.

Our team of insurance advisors are located in Hampshire and they are ready to take your calls. We believe its better to talk so we can find out exactly what you want and put you on the best policy. All calls are free from UK landlines so why not call us today.

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