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We are thrilled to provide classic car insurance for proud owners, collectors and traders. Insurers have different definitions of a classic car with some saying that a modern classic car must be over 15 years old whilst others say they must be over 30 years old. But whatever the age of the cherished vehicle, you will need a specialist policy to cover the cost of theft, repairs, fire, or flood.

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What type of Classic Cars are you looking for?

What Is The Definition Of A Classic Car?

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What Cover Is Available For Classic Cars?

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Save Money On Cover For Your Classic Car

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Laid Up Insurance Cover

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Agreed Value Classic Car Insurance

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Finding the Right Insurance for You

A classic car requires different cover to a standard car insurance policy. Classic motors tend to be used more for leisure and show purposes rather than commuting to work or making deliveries. There is also the fact that many owners keep their cars stored away until the warm weather comes out. So, whether you choose a fully comprehensive policy or third party only, you may require cover for:

  • A few weeks or months (see temporary car insurance)
  • Replacing authentic car parts
  • Trading shows and exhibitions
  • Wedding hire and events

Your policy needs to be able to repair and replace authentic car parts specific to your model and how easy these parts are to get hold of will impact your premium. Furthermore, if the classic automobile is used for trading shows, there can be a policy in place to cover any damages as a result. We also provide cover for ‘hire or reward’ for events such as weddings as this is not included in a standard policy.

Whatever the level of insurance cover you need for your classic car, you can be assured that the team at Call Wiser will find you the best deal.

Classic Car Insurance Quotes from Leading Providers

Call Wiser can offer the cheapest insurance quotes with the highest level of cover; essentially, we are every classic car holder’s answer to getting insurance at a great price. We have a range of methods you can contact us on. You can call our team right now on the number above.

Additionally, you can get a quote online by filling in a few basic details and one of our dedicated team members will call you very shortly. We try to make life easier by limiting the amount of paperwork you need to do. No need to fill in forms or post things off, we can take care of everything over the phone or by email.

In addition to placing you with one of the UK’s largest insurance companies, Call Wiser includes over £160 worth of additional cover provided completely free of charge including RAC Roadside Assistance, handbag and wallet cover, claim assistance and mobile phones cover.

No matter how carefully you drive or look after your vehicle, you never know when you are going to need to make a claim. But not to worry; with a classic car insurance policy from Call Wiser, breakdown assistance is provided to you as standard, so you won’t be left stranded at the side of the road.

More Information

  • How to Reduce the Cost Of Your Insurance?

    There are some very clever ways to reduce the cost of your classic car insurance. For example, insurance companies prefer if you keep your vehicle somewhere safe because it’s at less risk of being stolen. So, if you can keep your vintage car covered over night or stored in a garage, it will reduce the cost of your premium.

    When assessing your car insurance policy, how much mileage you accumulate each year will also be taken into consideration. Therefore, the cost will be reduced the less your drive your car and if you can limit your mileage to a specific amount agreed beforehand, we should be able to get you the best deal possible.

    The condition of your vehicle is very important, as insurers are more generous to those owners that look after their cars well. Those vehicles in bad condition are a greater risk of an accident or in need of expensive repairs so they are likely to pay a higher premium as a result.

    If you have more than one vehicle, you can benefit from our multi-car insurance policies. Both vehicles don’t have to be classics – you can insure one modern car and an old car under the same policy. This could save you hundreds of pounds on your insurance premiums. A very important point to discuss with our customer agents is the value of your classic car. Some of the insurers we work with offer ‘Agreed Value Cover’ which means that since classic cars can be worth more over time, you can agree this with the insurer and might be able to receive a better premium or higher compensation if the vehicle were stolen. To prove that the car is worth more, you may need to provide information from external sources claiming its worth and any receipts of modifications that have been made.

  • What Qualifies as a Classic Car?

    If you are under 25 years old and drive a classic vehicle, we can offer you the same high levels of customer service to receive a free no obligation quote. Read more information about our insurance for young drivers.

    Your vehicle must be insured to drive legally on UK roads. Due to the law of Continuous Insurance Enforcement, if you are caught driving without insurance it can lead to penalty points and fines.

    Since a majority of classic car owners only take their vehicles for a spin during the summer months, you may only wish to purchase insurance for a few weeks or months and this is something that we can assist with too. We will calculate the cost of insuring your motor for a few weeks versus an annual policy to see which is the most cost effective.

    If you don’t drive your classic car at all and you keep it in your garage for sentimental purposes, you should apply for a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) so that insurance and road tax are no longer mandatory.

    The valuation of a classic car is very important, as it can be quite tricky working out the “true value” of an older or vintage vehicle. Many insurance policies state that they will pay out the “market value” in the unfortunate event of an accident that leads to the vehicle being declared an insurance write-off.

    Proving the market value of a classic car can be difficult and it is worth having your vehicle valued every two to three years by an independent expert or Classic Car Club.

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