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Scooters are a great way to nip through busy traffic and save money on parking and petrol. Whether you own a Suzuki, classic, electric or mobility scooter, we can help find the best Scooter Insurance deal for you.

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Do I Need Insurance for a Mobility Scooter?

If you’re looking for Mobility Scooter Insurance, you can rest assured that it is not a legal requirement in the UK ( However, for less than £100 a year, it can certainly be worth it as a Mobility Scooter Cover can provide you with breakdown cover and compensation in the event of theft or fire. So seeing that a Scooter can cost a few hundred and even thousand pounds to repair, it is probably worth having insurance in place.

Other benefits include compensation for any travel costs or injuries as a result of not having your mobility scooter available., if your Scooter caused any damage to third parties including individuals and property, you would be able to cover the cost of this too.

What Level of Insurance Cover Do I Need?

  • Third party only Low

    This provides cover for any third parties involved in any damages or accidents including other vehicles and pedestrians. In the event that you damage someone else’s property or injure a pedestrian, they would be able to claim compensation from you – but third party insurance can cover the cost of any claims based on how much cover you have on your policy. This does not cover your own scooter, meaning that you will have to pay out of your own pocket for any damages to your vehicle.

  • Theft, fire and third party Mid

    In addition to third party cover, this policy will also provide compensation in the event that your scooter is involved in a theft or fire accident.

  • Comprehensive policy High

    A comprehensive policy will result in a higher level of cover as you are receiving cover including third parties, theft and fire. Above all, this offers protection for any damages to your vehicle too depending on your level of cover. This is the best level of cover available and will typically not cost anymore than Third Party Only or Third Party Fire and Theft. In most cases, Comprehensive will be the cheaper option.

  • How to reduce the cost of your Scooter Insurance

    We are always looking at ways to lower the price of your insurance. In addition to our insurance experts finding you the best deals, proud Scooter owners can use the following tips:

    By paying monthly, insurance companies will charge a premium for the convenience of paying in smaller instalments. This is why we always recommend paying for your Scooter Insurance in one payment for the entire year to save money.

    When the first year of your Scooter Insurance comes to an end, it is very tempting to automatically renew. But before doing so, we would like to see if we can get you an even better deal on your existing policy whether its with a new or existing provider. You will receive some letters and emails on the weeks leading up to your renewal date as a reminder and we would delighted to help you get the best deal possible.

    If your scooter is older than 15 years, you may be eligible for classic bike insurance which is usually cheaper than regular insurance because riders tend to take better care of older bikes.

    Also, if you have more than one scooter at home and only ride one at a time, it is worth looking at Multi Bike Insurance policies to see if you can save money by putting numerous bikes under one easy policy.

  • What do I need to be able to ride a Scooter in the UK?

    From the age of 16, you are able to ride a 50cc scooter and once you are 17, you can ride a 125cc scooter. All riders must have the following credentials:

    All scooter drivers must do compulsory training before being legal to drive on the main roads. They will be required to wear L plates front and rear and hold a CBT certificate in the vehicle which is renewed every two years.

    Your scooter must be registered with the DVLA before you can drive on public roads.

    You will need to pay tax on your scooter but fortunately scooters fall into the lowest tax bracket.

    Like any other vehicle on the road, it is illegal to drive without insurance or you can face penalty points, fines and even imprisonment.

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