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If you have a Kawasaki, Suzuki, Daytona or any other high performance bike, we can help find the best insurance policy for you. Working with leading insurance companies in the UK, we have access to a range of deals and discounts so why not call us today for a free and no obligation quote?

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Performance motorbikes are characterized by having big, supercharged engines that can go 200mph+.

The faster your bike can go, the greater risk of being involved in an accident which is why you need the right policy in place.

Performance Bike Insurance provides cover in the event of third party claims, fire, theft or damages to your vehicle. So whether you ride your bike to work, on the weekends or compete in competitions, it is important that you have all the necessary cover.

Without insurance in place, you will be required to pay for any damages to your vehicle and any third parties out of your own pocket – and this could potentially cost thousands of pounds. Above all, if you are caught driving your high performance vehicle without insurance, it can lead to a hefty fine and 6 penalty points off your license.

How Much Does it Cost?

The factors that affect the cost of your premium include:


Younger drivers tend to pay more for insurance because they have less experience on the road. Usually, the more experience you have on the road, the better your premium, provided that you do not have a long history of claims. If you have a no claims history, you are eligible for a no claims discount (NCD) which can reduce your premium by up to 65%.


The more high-spec your performance bike is, the more you will likely pay. Insurers consider those vehicles with more modifications and add-ons are mostly cost to repair and replace. So the more high-spec your performance bike, the bigger the engine size and the faster it goes, may increase the cost of your premium.


The more annual mileage you do, generally the more you will pay for cover. By doing a lot of miles on the road, you increase your risk of being involved in an accident or your bike needing repairs.


You can choose to pay more excess on your insurance. This means that you will be required to pay more towards repairs or damages, only in the event of an accident. By agreeing to pay more excess only when you make a claim, in the short term, the insurer will thank you with a lower annual premium.

Safety Features

By having adequate safety features for your performance bike such as locks, trackers and immobilisers, the less your premium will be because it is a lower risk of theft. Insurers will also look at the crime in your neighbourhood when putting together a quote and you can save a bundle by covering your bike or keeping it in a locked garage overnight.

Compare Performance Bike Insurance with Call Wiser

Call Wiser is very passionate about high performance bikes, especially since we have been the sponsors of the Be Wiser Ducati team for a number of years. So whatever your vehicle, we can help find you find the best policy. By applying through an independent broker like Call Wiser, you are receiving a number of competitive quotes all at once – and this allows you to really compare the different prices out there.

To get started, simply give us a call today so we can provide a same day quote, completely free of charge. Our dedicated team is based in Andover, Hampshire and they are ready to take your call. You can also fill in an online quote form and we will call you back.

We require information including your driver’s licence, vehicle information and you must let us know about any modifications. If you apply through Call Wiser, you will also receive free breakdown cover from the RAC, handbag, gadgets and mobile phone cover too!

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