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Modified Bike Insurance provides cover for your motorbike that has had any modifications, alterations or additions since its initial purchase. At Call Wiser, we work with leading insurance providers in the UK to help you get the best deal for your modified bike.

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Insurance for modified bikes is usually more expensive than a comprehensive bike insurance policy.

By adding modifications such as engine tuning and turbo charging, the bike is able to go faster and insurers may view this as being more likely to be involved in a road accident and therefore need to charge a higher premium to cover potential damages.

For visual modifications to your bike such as specialist paintwork, the vehicle will be worth more so it could be more attractive to thieves or be more costly to repair in the event of damages. So insurers may charge a higher insurance premium because of these risks.

However, your modified bike policy doesn’t have to be more expensive. At Call Wiser, we work with specialist modified bike insurers in the UK that offer better premiums specifically for drivers who have made modifications to their bikes.

  • Modified Motorbike Insurance Policies

    Motorbikes are something that we are very passionate about at Call Wiser. As a regular sponsor of motorsport in the UK over the years, we appreciate that a modified bike is not just for riding but it’s also a work of art.

    Working with a panel of the leading insurance companies in the country, we can help you get the best premium for your modified motorbike insurance. Our team of insurance experts are based in our head offices in Andover, Hampshire and they are ready to take you call. Call us today for a free and no obligation quote on 0800 298 2190.

    When we speak to you on the phone, we require a few basic details about you and your driving history. We also need to know about your bike and how it has been modified. It is a legal duty to inform your insurer of the exact modifications that have been made so that they know the right value of the vehicle and can propose the right policy. (Source: The Guardian)

    You also have to inform the DVLA of any modifications that have been made so that they can update their records, especially if you change the colour of your bike. Failing to do so may cause your policy to become invalid or affect your MOT. With this in mind, it is advisable to get an engineer or mechanic’s report to confirm any major alterations.

  • How modifications can impact the cost of your insurance premium

    Most modifications won’t increase your premium by more than 5%, but alterations in particular that increase price include:

    • Power increasing exhausts – can increase premium by up to 15%
    • Dynojet and engine tuning – can increase premium by up to 20%
    • Turbo charging – can increase premium by 25% to 75%
    • Engine boring and re-sleeving – can increase premium by up to 20%

    A good way to limit the cost of your insurance premium is to set up an ‘agreed value policy’ whereby you agree the value of your bike with the insurer. Modifications can increase the value of a bike, especially if it is a  Add Security & Safety Features to reduce the cost of Modified Bike Insurance

    Some modifications will not increase the cost of your Modified Bike Insurance, particularly if they are safety-enhancing features. Adding things like frame sliders and crash bobbins to your vehicle will be more costly to replace but will limit damage to the driver and bike in the event of an accident.

    In addition, insurance premiums are always lower when there are adequate security features in place. This is because the greater the risk of vehicle theft, the more insurers feel they need to charge to provide cover. Motorbikes can be modified to add security including locks, immobilizers, tracking devices or simply keeping the bike locked in a shed or garage over night.

Useful information

If your motorbike is for show and display purposes and is not for road use, you can apply for a specialist policy to cover your bike in the event of any damages e.g during a show or whilst it is being transported from one show to another

If your bike is never driven on road, you must apply for a Status Off Road Notification (SORN) to confirm with the authorities that you own the vehicle but it is not for road use.

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