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Using NHS treatment can often lead to long waiting lists and limited treatment. For this reason, it is not surprising that over 5 million people in the UK have private medical insurance for surgical and medical expenses.

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Depending on your policy or plan, your insurance will cover the necessary expenses and pay them directly to the care provider or reimburse you for any costs incurred – with £7.4 million paid out in claims every day.

Private health insurance should cover most short-term conditions that can be remedied by surgery, treatment or medical tests. If you require a specific drug and your insurer approves it, your entire treatment can be covered through your annual policy. Treatments that are on-going and considered long-term are less likely to be covered such as kidney dialysis, asthma and drug abuse.

At Call Wiser, we have teamed up with Assured Futures to provide competitive health insurance for you and your family. Whether you are looking for a basic policy or something complex, Assured Futures have access to several different plans and can find the best product for your needs. If you are looking for cover for other family members, these can be put all under the same account so you have less admin to do and it will save you money.

Whilst your employer may already provide company health insurance, it is common to top this up to suit your personal requirements – whether it is dental insurance, optical or maternity cover.

What are the advantages of private medical insurance?

Less waiting time

This is a huge advantage over using the NHS, where patients can wait up to 18 weeks for treatment compared to private patients that can be seen as soon as possible. The benefit of getting quick appointments allows you to get to the bottom of your ailment and is perfect for things like physiotherapy if you want to be seen on the same day.

Medical tests

You can get scans, blood tests and other ‘diagnostic’ work done very quickly and because this is considered short-term, it will usually be covered.

Private room

NHS treatment usually involves being in a ward with several other patients. However, private cover comes with your own room so you have a bit more peace and quiet when recovering – hence the name.

Choose your specialist

Not only can you ask your GP to refer you to more than one specialist and get second opinions, you can also choose the hospital and doctor you wish, rather than being told who to use or where to go on the NHS.

What is Covered in a Policy?

Short-term treatment is typically covered by your medical insurance such as medical tests and conditions cured by treatment or surgery.

Other things covered include exclusive drugs that may not be available on the NHS but included if they have been approved by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence.

Any outpatient treatment should be covered when you are not required to stay overnight including physiotherapy, stomach, back and skin specialist appointments. For inpatient treatment, you will be reimbursed if you need a hospital bed for the day or night and any additional nursing care.

Other policies may include private ambulances, nursing home care, private hotel rooms and accommodation for immediate family.

What is not included in my policy?

Cosmetic surgery

If used to improve your appearance for personal reasons, this is not considered a medical condition and therefore is not going to be covered. However, if you are involved in an accident and require cosmetic surgery to fix your appearance, this is viable.

Pre-existing medical conditions and long-term illness

This includes HIV and Aids, diabetes, epilepsy, hypertension and other related illnesses.

Pregnancy and childbirth costs

This is also available for free on the NHS but will need to be paid for if wanted in a private ward with private treatment.

Organ transplants

This is something that is usually handled on the NHS and there is a waiting list for organs.

Injuries from sport or war

Individuals needing treatment due to extreme sports will not likely be covered because they are considered high-risk. Similarly, those patients that are injured in a war will not be covered for their injuries due to their exposure to high-risk.

What other alternatives are available?

You might be thinking that if you have a long-term illness then cover is not available.

However, if you have income protection or critical illness cover, you will receive a monthly or lump sum payout to go towards your medical treatment and pay to maintain your lifestyle e.g. mortgage payments, food, school fees, etc.

Health cash plans are available and used for routine procedures in the private sector such as physiotherapists, dentists and optometrists. This plan is ideal if you have emergency back pain or a wisdom tooth that you want out and don’t want to have to wait for NHS treatment. With a medical cash plan, you get to spend 6 times the amount you wish to pay – so if you pay £200 for cover, you can use up to £1,200 towards treatment during the year.

Finally, you can always use the NHS which provides a fantastic service and is mostly free of charge unless you require specialist treatment. But with less queues and more flexibility, Assured Futures are happy to find a medical insurance policy to suit your needs.

Assured Futures

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Assured Futures will help you to find private medical insurance, they offer a fantastic, personal service. They will research the market, find you the best policy and price and give you quality independent advice.

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