Short Term Home Insurance

Short Term Home Insurance or Temporary Home Insurance provides cover for your home when left unoccupied for 30 days or more. So if you are absent from your property, you have the peace of mind that any damages can be covered by your insurance in the event of theft, fire, flood or vandalism.

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It is common to vacate your house for extended periods due to refurbishment, an extended holiday, an operation in hospital or because you have to care for a loved one.

If this is the case, your standard home insurance policy won’t cover your house for any damages or repairs since the property is unoccupied for 30 days or more. This is why you will need Short Term Home Insurance.

Homes that are left empty for long periods are high risk for insurers. A vacant property can be attractive to thieves and squatters and this can increase the need to make a claim. Also, if there is a burst pipe in your home whilst you are away, this can lead to more damage as it takes longer to be noticed. Without insurance in place, it could cost huge amounts in repairs and replacements so this is why it is essential to have insurance in place.

Short Term Home Insurance at the Best Price

Usually with Short Term Home Insurance, the insurer creates a policy specifically for you and how many days you are going to be absent from your house.

At Call Wiser, we work with leading home insurance companies in the UK to find you the best deal.

We think its better to talk because it allows us to get know you better and find out exactly what kind of policy you need. Simply call us today for free on a mobile or landline and one of our insurance experts will be able to find you a quote today.

If you prefer, you can start filling in a basic quote online and someone from our team will get in touch with you ASAP.

By using an independent broker like Call Wiser, we compare a range of Short Term Home Insurance policies so that you have a selection of products to choose from. Our dedicated team based in Andover, Hampshire are ready to take your call, so why not phone today for a free and no obligation quote?

What does Short Term Home Insurance cover?

Short Term Home Insurance covers your contents and building.

The contents refers to the items in your home which may be lost, stolen or damaged and can be replaced by making a claim. The buildings cover refers to the physical bricks and mortar of the house and includes damages to fittings, fixtures, walls, ceilings and floors.

For Contents Insurance, the recommended approach is to value all your items that you are leaving in your house to insure (e.g. computer, jewellery and TV.)

It is worth asking an adviser for New For Old cover to receive a brand-new replacement. Typically insurers only pay out what the goods were worth at the time. So if your TV is 5 years old, you may not receive enough to replace it.

Be sure to read the small print as there are extra clauses that can make quite a difference to your level of cover.

If your property is being refurbished or renovated and that is why you have left the premises, you want to make sure that your policy will cover any damages caused by contractors. Furthermore, some policies will require a neighbour or friend to visit your house on a regular basis to check for any damages, so you may need to arrange this.

Top tips to get the best Temporary Home Insurance

You can typically take out a policy for as long as you need. You must verify with the insurer exactly how many days you plan to be away for; trying to take extra days may invalidate your policy!

You may extend your policy a few times, for instance, if you need to be away from home for longer. However, extending your policy is not a long-term solution and your insurers will require you to take out an annual policy.

Make sure that your windows and doors are securely locked before you leave your house for a long period. Many insurers won’t pay claims due to ‘unforced entry’ so if you accidently leave a window open and your house is burgled, you won’t be able to receive compensation. Remarkably, around a third of burglaries in the UK are due to unforced entry.

Other ways to get the best Temporary Home Insurance policy are to pay a higher excess for your insurance. This means that you agree beforehand to pay a little more if you ever need to make a claim. For this extra commitment, insurers are willing to lower your premium.

At Call Wiser, we are passionate about helping our customers get the best deals possible. If you are interested in both buildings and content insurance, we can look at creating a ‘combined policy’ which could reduce the overall cost of your policy.

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