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Home insurance is essential for any property owner or mortgage owner in the UK.

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Home Insurance falls under two categories, namely Buildings and Contents Insurance.

Broadly speaking, Building Insurance covers the physical structure and fixtures of your house including walls, roofs and pipes whereas Contents Insurance is focused around insuring the individual items in your house such as a TV, computer and fridge.

The two categories are sometimes put in a third category known as a ‘combined policy.’

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  • Contents Insurance

    Home Contents Insurance provides cover for household items that can be replaced easily without costing a fortune. The idea is that these items are not physically attached to the house and include furniture, jewellery and electronics.

    Contents cover is important to pay for those personal and sentimental items and also those that you need on a daily basis like a TV or sofa. Households are encouraged to over-insure their contents because in the event of a burglary, fire or flood in the house, the policy may not cover the full cost, leading to high excess to pay*.

    *Not included in this type of cover is wear and tear in clothes and furniture or things that no longer work due to their age such as computers and phones.

  • What are the types of cover for contents insurance?

    The cover available includes ‘new to old cover’ where in the event of lost items; the insurer agrees to provide the money to replace the exact object.

    Alternatively, your policy may include ‘indemnity cover’ which only covers what the product is worth – for instance, for a TV that is 5 years old, the insurer may only provide half of its original value.

    Other options include ‘accidental damage cover’ to pay for those goods you might damage in an accidental way. Also available is ‘personal possessions cover’ to offer replacement for those items that you might take out of the house such as a mobile phone or items of jewellery. For very valuable items such as engagement rings or art, it is essential to tell your provider and show evidence of the item’s value.

    Depending on the insurer, you may be able to acquire business cover for items that you use if you work from home including your printer, fax machine and computer.

  • What are the policies available for contents?

    There are three kinds of policies available:

    Sum insured – this is the total sum of all the goods you want to insure.

    Unlimited sum insured – the customer pays one fixed fee to cover an unlimited number of household items.

    Bedroom rated – if you are not sure how much insurance you need because you have a big household, ‘bedroom rated’ considers how many bedrooms you have in your home and provides a limit accordingly – usually around £40,000 – £50,000 per average household in the UK.

  • Buildings Insurance for your home

    Buildings Insurance covers any repairs or damages to your house as a result of flooding, storms, fires, vandalism or burst pipes.

    Having protection for your home is essential, especially since the cost of repairing home damages can be hugely expensive. According to the Money Advice Service, the average claim for a burst pipe can be as much as £25,000. Paying this amount can have a serious impact on your finances which is why having buildings insurance cover is vital.

    What Buildings Insurance does not cover will depend on the terms of your policy. In general, any damage caused by birds, insects or pests is not covered nor is a broken fence as a result of a storm unless your main property is also affected.

  • Do I need Buildings Insurance?

    You require Buildings Insurance if you are the homeowner of the property. If you are a tenant renting a flat, then this falls under the responsibility of the landlord. Similarly, if you are living in a flat as a tenant or homeowner, the freeholder of the property is required to purchase the necessary cover.

  • Do I need unoccupied Buildings Insurance?

    Typically, your insurers will not cover any damages if you have not been in the property for 30 days. This can happen if you have to leave home to care for a loved one or receive medical treatment in hospital.

    If you know that you are going to be away for a long period of time, the insurers we work with are able to provide policies for 3,6 or 9 months. For more information, visit our page on unoccupied home insurance.

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