Tradesman Insurance

We know the importance of having the right tradesman insurance policy in place for your business. Whether you are a builder, carpenter, joiner, electrician or plumber, we can help find the right cover for you.

With over 100,000 tradesmen in the UK, we appreciate that every individual has their own special requirements for their work.

At Be Wiser, we specialise in tailoring a policy to meet your needs, combining various covers and extensions to ensure your trade is not putting you at risk from potential liabilities.

Our friendly and knowledgeable advisors will guide you through the process of finding a policy to match your profession. We search a range of commercial insurance providers in moments to match you with the ideal policy. Call us today on 0333 999 0802 for a no-obligation quote in minutes.

What does Tradesman Insurance include?

Be Wiser is able to put several types of cover into one single tradesman insurance policy. This reduces the need to have lots of policies open so we can reduce the amount of admin for you and help you save money too. You can add the following extensions to your policy at any time so that you are prepared for any situation. Optional covers include:

  • Employers’ Liability Insurance

    This optional extension covers the insured for duty of care owed to employees’ caused during the period of insurance and in connection with the business insured. Legal liability can include injury, illness, death and disease and policy limits start at £5 million as a result of UK statute.

    If you work as a sole trader tradesman or run a business and only hire family members, employers’ liability insurance is not compulsory – check here for exemptions. However, if you hire staff members who are not part of your family, it is compulsory by law to have this type of insurance in place.

  • Tools and Equipment Insurance

    This covers for tools and equipment used in connection with the business that may get broken, lost or stolen. Most polices will include a tool and equipment policy limit with a maximum sum insured of £5000. This can be essential cover if tools are vital for your business activity such as your entire toolbox, power tools and materials.

  • Contract Works Insurance

    For handymen working on permanent and temporary contracts, they can get a specific policy for the duration of their job and include any extra tools and materials too. This can help contractors save money so they can pay for the amount they need rather than pay for cover that they do not.

  • Hire and Own Plant Insurance

    If you are working in a plant or own one, you can include cover for the plant tools and equipment, with policy limits ranging from £10,000 to £50,000. The policy can cover plant equipment owned by the individual or if it is hired too.

  • Vehicle Insurance

    As a tradesman, you will likely be a van owner in order to go from location to location and carry all your tools and materials. Van insurance is one of our specialties and we provide different levels of cover including third party and fully comprehensive cover. Customers can take advantage of a no claims bonus to receive a discount of up to 80% off their premium and the option to add ‘any driver’ to the policy so the driving can be shared between employees.

What level of Tradesman Insurance do I need?

With various optional extensions, a tradesman can decide exactly what level of cover they need relative to the size and scope of their business requirements.

The employers’ liability extension starts cover at £5 million due to statute but insurers will often extend this beyond the statutory limit to accommodate larger employers. Non-compulsory covers such as tool cover and public liability insurance come with various defined limits. Tool and equipment cover ranges from £1,000 to £5,000 depending on the total value of items, there may also be a single item limit.

When selecting the level of cover you will need under a Tradesman Insurance policy, it is important to have a rough understanding of how much you stand to lose from each potential peril. In essence, your cover should reflect the size and risk of your business, sole traders and small businesses will have a lower risk level than a multi-national corporation, and so their public and employer’s liability limit should be less to reflect this.

How to save money on your policy

At Call Wiser, we compare several policies for you from leading providers.

Instead of going to one company and only having access to their rates, we are always looking out for new partners and ways to get our customers the best policies available.

When speaking to you by phone or email, our advisors will look for ways to get you the most amount of cover at the lowest price.

This includes keeping your tools safe and preventing them from being stolen which you can do by not leaving them in the van overnight and also getting extra locks, alarms and an immobilizer so that you can track your van if stolen.

To prevent any accidents with members of the public or private property, any added safety features you add to your business activity would be welcomed. This includes putting up protective flooring, screens and signage where you work to avoid any damage to a member of the public.

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