Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance can protect your business from being sued by a customer as a result of an accident.

At Call Wiser, our professional advisors can help you compare public liability insurance quotes from a number of leading schemes and top providers in the UK.

We will tailor your liability cover to suit the needs of your business so that you are protected against legal action from customers. To receive a quote, simply click on the Get a Quote button or request a call back today.

  • What is Public Liability insurance?

    Public liability insurance provides cover if a customer is injured on your premises or if you accidentally damage somebody else’s property when carrying out your work.

    The idea is that the business owner or professional has to offer a ‘duty of care’ to their customer so if there is damage as a result of them carrying out their business activity, the customer has the right to sue the company.

    Specifically, those individuals that require a duty of care include:

    Invitees: the customers that you invite into your store or shop.

    Licensees: those contractors that work on different premises to carry out a job.

    Trespassers: those that enter your property even though you did not give them permission to do so.

    Since accidents are bound to happen in the workplace, your policy will cover the cost of the damages such as:

    • Medical bills
    • Compensation
    • Repairs
    • Loss of income
    • Business disruption

    A typical scenario is when a customer comes into your shop and accidentally trips on something and injures themselves. Or perhaps your profession involves working on other premises such as a plumber or electrician and you accidentally damage your customer’s property whilst on the job.

    The loss of income and business disruption refers to any income that the business loses from being involved in legal proceedings or by having to repair the workplace premises. The loss of income also refers to any compensation to the victim that may not be able to attend work temporarily due to their injury.

  • How much does Public Liability insurance cost?

    Small and medium sized businesses can obtain cover from £1 million up to £10 million. It is very common that working with local authorities or the public sector requires you to have a minimum cover of £5 million. When getting a quote, our advisors will take into consideration the size of your enterprise and the risks to the customer and general public.

    If you work from home and have a small operation, you may only require a low level of cover. However, if you own a customer-focused business such as a restaurant or shop and have lots of customers frequenting on a daily basis, you may require a higher level of cover.

    Companies are likely to pay more for their policy where there are risks to the customer such as heavy machinery or potentially dangerous materials e.g dentist, hair salon, beautician.

  • Do I need Public Liability insurance for my company?

    All businesses are recommended to have some form of public liability insurance if they involve coming into contact with the public. Although not compulsory for private sectors, it can be more costly not to have it. If a customer wants to file a claim against you, it could cost significantly more in legal fees and compensation to resolve the case – and the longer the proceedings take, the more time you have to take off work and lose income in the process.

    So having the cover in place will give you the peace of mind that if an accident occurs and injures a member of the public, you have the insurance to pay for any compensation and limit your business’s disruption.

    Self-employed professionals may also require public liability cover if they work from home and regularly have clients visit them or if their job involves them working in the premises of their customers. Also, if you own a lot of land, members of the public could easily come into contact with it and sue you in the event of an injury.

    To find out if your company is eligible, simply request a quote or give one of our advisors a call. We will ask a few questions about your company, your industry and your claim history in order to help you get the best public liability insurance quote possible.

What is not included in the policy?

Public liability only offers protection for claims made by customers and does not include any accidents that injure or impact the company’s staff or employees.

In this case, the business owner would require Employers’ Liability and this is compulsory for all companies.

Businesses will be less likely to claim from their insurer if the damage was caused by negligence. For instance, if flooding or fire occurs due to not following safety regulations, the insurer may not honour your claim. Similarly, as businesses have the duty to maintain their property, failing to clear up a wet floor before it resulted in an injury is another thing that insurers may not cover.

At Call Wiser, we are passionate about finding the best policy for your business needs.

Rather than applying with just one insurer and being limited to their products, we work with a number of specialist companies to find the best quote for you. In fact, we are able to use more than one insurer for your policy so if you need additional cover for certain parts of the business, you can get the lowest price possible and still have it under one account.

We have a dedicated team of insurance advisors based in Andover, Hampshire who are fully qualified to deal with your requests. Simply request a quote online or call us today.

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