The great benefit is that a multi-vehicle policy is not limited to vehicles of the same type, it can cover cars, bikes and even vans.

Alongside a discount of up to 25%, you’ll also be saving time on admin and renewals as instead of multiple policy documents, you’ll just have the one which will cover the insurance across everything.

At Call Wiser, we offer competitive multi-vehicle insurance quotes to suit your requirements. We work with some of the leading insurance companies in the UK so have access to a number of different deals and policies that can be applied to all your vehicles.

Don’t forget that any policies you buy through Call Wiser will also come with an array of benefits including breakdown cover, handbag, wallet and gadget cover and claims assistance, all free with your policy!

Free roadside assistance breakdown cover
Free handbag and gadget cover
Free 24/7 claims assistance
UK call centres

Multi-Vehicle Means Cars, Bikes & Vans in One Policy

Many insurers offering multi car insurance, but no option to include bikes and vans, or any variation of those vehicles regardless of the first one.

Rather than applying with just one insurance provider, what makes Call Wiser special is that we can use more than one insurer when creating your policy. Plus, we can find the best insurer for your specific vehicles. This makes sure that you get the best prices and cover possible when you apply.

Another added bonus is the ability to add named drivers across the whole policy, meaning the named driver would be able to drive any vehicle the policy covers.

This is particularly useful for transport or courier companies.

You also do not have to worry if your current vehicles fall on different inception dates. We can always offer temporary car insurance in the interim and set it up so they all fall under one renewal date.

How To Save Money On Multi Vehicle Insurance

Purchasing insurance in bulk will always be cheaper so insurers should offer you a discount for every extra vehicle you wish to insure. Other ways to save on your multi vehicle policy include:

  • Adding safety features

    Insurers will typically reduce premiums for those vehicles that have adequate safety features because they are a lower risk of being stolen. If you can keep your vehicles in a garage overnight, behind a security gate, a parking garage with surveillance or simply with a cover on, your premium will be reduced. You can also look at adding immobilisers and tracking devices to your vehicles so that they will be easier to find if stolen – and this will reduce the chance of having to make a claim to your insurer.

  • No claims bonus

    A no claims bonus rewards those drivers that have avoided making claims for a number of years. If you have not made a claim with your insurer for five years or longer, you may be able to receive a discount as high as 80%. Depending on the insurer we work with, they can sometimes pass this discount across all the vehicles on the account or even offer introductory bonuses on par with this for the first year.

  • Experienced drivers

    By having an experienced driver as the policyholder, it assumes that they will be sharing some of the driving and there is a lower risk of being involved in an accident or a claim. The only downside is that there may be limits to their no claims bonus if they are an added driver on other cars and they must be vary of ‘fronting’ as this is illegal.

  • Pay annually

    Whilst the cost of insuring a number of vehicles might be a little pricey to pay in one lump sum, by doing so, you can save around 20% on your premium. By paying for your insurance monthly, there is usually an extra cost for the convenience and admin associated with it.

  • Increase the voluntary excess

    By agreeing to increase your voluntary excess and paying more only in the event of an accident, your insurer will thank you with a lower premium. However, you will need to consider the risks involved because if you are involved in a claim, you will be required to pay more.

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