Car insurance money saving tips

Some motorists will be required to pay higher car insurance premiums than others perhaps due to their claims history, type of vehicle, age or previous convictions.

However, there are several smart ways to reduce the cost of your insurance and this is something that we are very passionate about at Call Wiser. Here are some top tips to save you money on car insurance.

Renew Annually, Not Monthly

With over 30 insurers that we work with, you will get the option to pay your premium monthly or annually. Whilst it might seem more affordable to pay in monthly instalments, most insurers will charge a noticeable interest for this convenience. So if you have the option to pay in full, it might be cheaper to do so.

Also don’t be tempted to renew your policy automatically every year. Your policy can change from year to year and could be cheaper if you have avoided accidents or reduced your mileage. So once your first year is up, we will typically get in touch with you and find out if we can get you a better deal.

Improve the Security Features of Your Vehicle

A key thing that insurers look for when assessing your policy is how safe your car is. Insurers offer lower premiums to vehicles that have proper security features like alarms and immobilisers because they are less likely to get stolen and this reduces the need to make a claim. Other security measures include putting a cover on your vehicle overnight or locking it safe in a garage and making this information clear to insurance companies will certainly reduce the cost of your quote.

Build Up a No Claims Bonus

If you go a long period without making a claim, most UK insurers will offer a ‘no claims bonus’ or a ‘no claims discount’ because they will consider you a much safer driver and a low risk to insure. By avoiding claims for at least 5 years, you will be eligible for a greater discount year after year and can receive a discount as high as 80% on your insurance.

The best way to build up a no claims bonus is to be a safe and careful driver or to pay out of your own pocket if you have a minor accident, so you avoid making a claim.

Call Wiser can still help if you have made a number of claims in the past and have a zero no claims bonus. Some of the insurers we work with offer introductory periods equivalent to a 9 year no claims bonus, allowing you to get a great discount.

Do Pass Plus

Perfect for young drivers insurance under 25, the Pass Plus Scheme is a driving course which is recognised by most insurance companies in the UK. As young drivers are subject to paying more for their car insurance due to a lack of experience on the road, Pass Plus involves doing an extra 6 hours of driving lessons and costs around £180. However, insurers acknowledge that it improves the level of driving and so it can reduce the cost of your policy.

Get Multi Car Insurance for More Than One Driver

If you have more than one driver or car to insure such as your family or spouse, it might be more affordable to get multi car insurance. This allows you to put more than one driver or vehicle on the policy and by essentially purchasing insurance in bulk; it reduces the cost of insurance per driver.

Get Black Box Insurance

Black box insurance, also known as telematics insurance, involves putting a little device on the dashboard of your car that is the size of a smart phone. Using satellites, it is able to track your driving very carefully including your mileage, speed, braking and turning. This information is then made available to your insurer – so if you are a safe and careful driver, your insurer will be able to reward you and lower the cost of your insurance.

Avoid Modifications

Avoiding modifications on your vehicle is a good way to save money on your insurance. By having turbocharged engines, sound systems and spoilers, your vehicle simply becomes more expensive to repair and replace parts in the event of an accident, so naturally your insurer has to charge you more for cover. So to save money, avoid modifications on your vehicle.

Save Money On Your Car Insurance With Call Wiser

By using an independent broker like Call Wiser, we will search a number of policies on your behalf so that we can find the best deal for you. We work with over 30 leading insurance companies in the UK meaning that we have access to some of the best premiums and policies available.

By purchasing your insurance with Call Wiser, you will be able to save money immediately as we offer free breakdown cover, claim assistance, handbag, gadget and phone cover as part of the policy. We think that it’s better to talk because it lets us get to know you and your requirements better.

Simply call us today on 0333 003 3270 for a free and no obligation quote.

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