Renewing your policy with Call Wiser

Call Wiser has a great track record. In fact, since the start of 2019, over 65% of our customers remain with us after their first year. Visit our page on car insurance quotes for more information.

How We Can Get You A Better Premium When You Renew

There are several things that can change during the course of a year. So instead of automatically renewing your policy, we like to look at these factors to see if we can lower the cost of your insurance. The things we consider when renewing your insurance include:

The Rates Offered By Insurers

We check if the rate you are getting from your insurer is the most competitive possible. Insurance companies are always changing their quotes, so if there is a better premium available, we want to ensure that you are getting the best deal.

So whether this involves changing your plan with your current insurer or switching to another provider, we make the process as easy as possible by handling all the admin and allowing you to benefit from lower insurance premiums.

At Call Wiser, we work with over 30 leading insurance companies in the UK and are always comparing the different quotes and offers available. So when your renewal comes up, we are ready to put you on the best deal to save you money.

Using Your No Claims Bonus

By driving claim free for a number of years, you are eligible for a huge discount on your insurance premiums, also known as a no claims bonus. So if you have been driving for the last year and have not made any claims to your insurer, we may be able to get you a discount of up to 80%.

Typically, a no claims bonus is applicable once you have been driving for 5 years without making a claim. However, some of the insurers we work with are able to provide the same discounts after 1 or 2 years.

The best way to maintain a no claims bonus is to avoid accidents by driving slowly and being a safe driver. In addition, any small dents and dings to your vehicle can be paid out of your own pocket, so you won’t have to make a claim and can keep your discount in tact.

A Different Address

If you have moved address in the last year, this may impact your insurance premium and allow you to get a better rate when you renew. Insurance providers take the driver’s address into account because some areas with worse weather conditions; bad roads and high crime rates tend to lead to more claims.

So if you have moved to an area which is safer and has better road conditions, you are considered less risk and this may cause your premium to decrease upon renewal.

Less Mileage

Your car insurance premiums are based heavily on your annual mileage. The rule of thumb is that the more mileage you do, the more at risk you are of making a claim.

However, before renewing your insurance, we can assess how much mileage you have done over the last year, either by keeping a record or using a black box.

If we can discover that you were doing less mileage this year than we have estimated, this means that you may be considered less risk, so the cost of your premium can be reduced.

It is possible that your purpose for driving has changed, also known as your classes of use. Perhaps you are no longer driving to work in busy traffic and are working more from home. Or maybe your children are taking the bus to school rather than being driven by their parents. These examples would mean you are doing less driving and are therefore less likely to be involved in an insurance claim – overall reducing your premium upon renewal.

How We Contact You About Renewing Your Policy

  • Customers are usually able to view and renew their policies 28 days before their renewal date.
  • We call our customers 21, 14 & 7 days before the renewal date.
  • We send a follow up text message to our customers 18, 11 and 4 days before the renewal date.
  • All clients receive a letter outlining our renewal process and are asked to check their statement of fact from last year and to call us if any of the information is incorrect.
  • A further letter is followed to include the price from the existing insurer.

How Does Payment Work When Renewing My Policy?

If the original policy was paid using direct debit, it will automatically be renewed 10 days prior to the renewal date, unless we are instructed otherwise.

We make sure that customers are always insured during the renewal process and will not be driving on the road without insurance because this is illegal.

At Call Wiser, we aim to make the renewal process as simple as possible. We can update your details and get you a better rate either with your existing or new provider. We are passionate about helping our customers save time and money and it is much easier than having to start fresh with a new company.

We have an experienced team of insurance advisers who are based in our head offices in Andover, Hampshire. So if you have any questions about renewing your policy, simply give our one of our friendly advisers a call on 0333 003 3270. All calls are free from UK landlines and mobiles.

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