Does being unemployed affect car insurance?

If you’re a driver then you will already be well aware that car insurance premiums are exactly that, premium and finding ways to reduce your costs without affecting the level of cover is now a priority.

So how does being unemployed affect the cost of your car insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance premiums for those who are unemployed can reach heights of 63% more in cost than people who are in regular work.

Naturally, if you’re out of work, you could possibly be struggling to make ends meet, so Call Wiser are here to find you the best car insurance quotes. Our specialist teams work around the clock finding the best deals for our customers, whilst retaining the levels of cover in a policy that meet your needs.

What Makes Insurance More Expensive for the Unemployed?

You will already know that when calculating premiums, insurers take into account many different factors from previous convictions, age, where you live and also the policyholder’s employment status. The ABI (Association of British Insurers) data shows that unemployed drivers provide an additional risk to insurers.

Breaking this down, the following reasons apply to that data:

  • Being out of work means you likely to use your car more. The more you drive the higher the likelihood of you having an accident.
  • Industry figures indicate that there is an increased chance of someone being unemployed making a claim. In addition to this, the data also shows that someone unemployed is more likely to make a fraudulent claim.
  • Insurers could see unemployed people as less likely to maintain vehicle conditions due to a lower income, increasing the risk of an accident.
  • Insurers also put into consideration that unemployed people may be more distracted when driving because of their circumstances and therefore could drive with less care. Unemployed people are also more likely to be driving into unfamiliar areas whilst attending job interviews.

Unfortunately, the reasons are not pleasant and it is a case of insurers following industry data when calculating premiums and tarring everyone with the same brush. Remember it is also the same for younger drivers, who pay huge premiums on car insurance because of the statistics on the level of accidents they are likely to be involved in.

Understandably you’ll be wanting to save money on your car insurance is this is where Call Wiser can help. We work to compare the UK’s leading insurers to find you the best deal for the cover you need. Call us today and our expert team will have you on the road in no time at all.

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