Do I need personal accident cover on car insurance?

Did you know that in 2016, 1,792 deaths were reported as a result of car accidents? New statistics released by the Department for Transport show that number is up 4% on the figures from 2015, whilst vehicle traffic levels increased just 2.2%.

Many of us have driven past an accident whether on the motorway or on a residential street and thankfully only a very small proportion of those accidents result in fatalities or life-changing injuries. You have most likely also thought “that will never happen to me”, and that’s okay, everyone thinks it. Unfortunately, the truth is accidents do happen and on occasion, the result can be fatal or life-changing. The reality is that doesn’t bear thinking about and most people don’t, but can you answer honestly what your family would do if you were unfortunate enough to be involved in a serious accident?

Two outcomes need to be considered in the event of a serious accident:

  • If you have serious injuries, you may have to take some time off work to recover and this could interrupt your income either short or long term.
  • Although unpleasant to talk about, if you were to die prematurely, and have a dependent family, it’s wise to plan in advance.

Neither scenarios are nice things to think about, let alone plan for, but you need to consider whether this is a necessity for your circumstances.

The payouts vary from insurer to insurer but typically you can expect a successful claim to payout between £5k-10k. This can be increased, but usually at an additional cost.

Am I Already Covered?

There is a possibility that you are already covered and you can check this with your insurer. However for a majority of policies, personal accident cover is an additional element which can be purchased alongside your cover.

Getting the Best Price on Insurance Including Personal Accident Cover

Like any insurance policy, you should always be looking for the best price for the cover that suits your needs. This is where Call Wiser comes in, as our dedicated team work with the UK’s leading insurers to compare policy options and prices to get the best deal for you. Get in touch with our team today via phone, live chat, or get an online quote in minutes.

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