Do I need home insurance?

That old age question, do I need home insurance? Technically, there is no law stating you must have it, however many mortgage companies, and letting agents will now include it within the requirements of the contract. If this is the case, then you need to have it, otherwise, you’ll be breaching the terms of the agreement you have with them.

We think it’s sensible to have home insurance, as it covers you in the instance you need it. You should think more long term when it comes to home insurance, you may not need it now, but what happens in the future, if unfortunately, disaster happens. In the event of a flood, or fire, or any other large scale event that could cause mass damage to your home, could you honestly cover to cost of replacing the contents, or building repairs of your home out of your own pocket? If not, then home insurance is a must have.

Thankfully disasters like these are rare, but they do happen.

Outside of this, your insurance could also cover accidental damage, a life saver if you break something. Your big TV, your laptop, your games console, what happens if you damage one? You’ll need to buy another one unless of course, you have home insurance with accidental damage cover. You can submit a claim and as long as it’s genuine, you’ll be able to have the item repaired, or replaced. The only cost to you in this instance is your excess, often considerably cheaper than replacing a product outright.

Getting cover is ultimately up to you, but for peace of mind when something happens, Call Wiser fully recommend it.

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