Can you insure yourself to drive any car?

Many circumstances can lead you behind the wheel of an unfamiliar car. Perhaps you are driving relatives or friends to the airport using their vehicle, or your car is off the road temporarily and someone has kindly lent you a vehicle in the short term.

Both instances are common, but do you know if you’re insured to drive those vehicles? Assuming you’re covered on your policy is not wise and could lead to issues further down the road.

What Insurance Will Cover Me to Drive Any Car?

With some insurers, cover for driving other cars (also known as DOC) is included as a part of a fully comprehensive policy. However, the cover is commonly only third party, so should an accident happen which is your fault, the insurer would not pay out for repairs to that vehicle, only the other persons. This could leave you with hefty repair bills. It’s also important to remember that DOC cover as a part of a policy is normally only intended for emergencies, not a vehicle you drive on a regular basis.

At Call Wiser we specialise in getting the best deals on car insurance by working with a panel of over 30 insurers to find you the best value for the cover you need.

What Other Options Do I Have?

Dependant on your needs, various other options are available including temporary car insurance, where you can get cover to drive a vehicle for a set period.

Aside from that, you could also become a named driver on the vehicle owners policy, this will be more beneficial if you know that you’ll be driving the vehicle multiple times throughout a year.

You should always be 100% sure that your needs are covered by any insurance policy. If you want the best price, give our expert teams a call today, and they’ll ensure your policy meets your requirements.

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