Can you insure your car for a month?

There are various situations in which you might want to regularly use a car, but not over a longer period than a month. You might be readying a house move for which you would need to make multiple trips to transport items from one property to another. Alternatively, a friend might be staying over with you for a month and fancy often joining you on car journeys.

However, as you are legally barred from driving a car on UK roads without motor insurance, you would need to have this in place before taking to the road. Typically, a car insurance policy will be valid for at least 12 months, but there is such a thing as temporary cover that would let you insure a car for up to 28 days.

Short term car insurance can in some circumstances be more cost-effective than an annual policy but that entirely depends on your circumstances. For example, if you use your car infrequently, such as only during breaks from university when you are visiting home, a one-month car insurance policy will be more cost-effective than paying out for an annual policy which would cover more months of the year when you aren’t driving the vehicle.

Here is how you can proceed towards implementing such cover…

How is it possible to take out month-long coverage?

Various insurers, including leading UK insurers that are in partnership with our Hampshire-based broker Call Wiser, offer such insurance. Thanks to what are known as short term and temporary car insurance policies, you can have a vehicle insured for any period between 1 and 28 days. You don’t have to choose a year-long policy that will be left wasted for most of that year.

When should you think about temporary cover?

The requirement for such cover isn’t always entirely niche. That’s because the need for such insurance can come into play in a surprisingly wide range of situations. Consider a few examples cited by the Mirror – including those of borrowing a friend’s car to make trips to shops or getting a just-bought vehicle home. However, a month’s coverage might be much too long for such needs.

The flexibility of temporary car insurance is a big part of its appeal. Whether you want single-day insurance or an insurance policy that would keep you covered for four weeks at a time, you can source a suitable policy by calling our broker for car insurance quotes.

Potential issues with attempting to source temporary car insurance

While you have many options at your disposal if you want to take out temporary cover, this doesn’t mean that doing so is always straightforward in practice. Let’s assume, for example, that you are a young driver who wants a short term policy for regular weekends away over the course of a month.

If you are under 18, your choice of policies could be very limited, as most insurers are only willing to cover drivers aged between 18 and 75. Worse, some insurers insist on 21 as the minimum age concerning eligibility for short term car insurance.

Young drivers often struggle to find truly cost-effective insurance – and this very much applies with temporary cover, too. However, whatever your age, if you have often made claims on your car insurance or amassed many points on your driving licence, you might have difficulty finding month-long cover at all. A clean licence can spell better for your chances of getting a cost-effective policy.

Where should you look first in your search?

By turning to our company, an independent insurance broker, you can streamline your efforts to find the right policy. As we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, you can have faith in our services that are aimed at helping you to obtain an insurance quote indicating good value for money.

When you phone us on 0333 003 3270, you can anticipate us taking just minutes to come back with the best quote from our partner insurers that each offer a month of car insurance. Naturally, the prices quoted can vary depending on not only your credentials as a driver but also the vehicle for which you seek the insurance. However, the omens look good if you are about to apply for a quote.

The Mirror has reported that, even for coverage lasting as long as a month, the maximum price could reach only a couple of hundred pounds. This is the figure uncovered in testing when the applicant was a 35-year-old male who lived in Kingston and drove a 10-year-old Peugeot 206.

Your own circumstances could be more favourable than this, giving you even more reason to apply to our company for a quote. If your needs for a car become more permanent, we can also help you obtain a year-long policy, as it would be ineffective to keep renewing a temporary policy instead. Besides, an annual policy could work out several times cheaper in the long run.

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