Can I test drive a car without insurance?

Buying a new car is an exciting time! You’ll no doubt spend hours looking around at the options, considering what type of vehicle you need, what colour you want and what options it has. But have you ever thought “Can I test drive a car without car insurance?”. The answer strictly depends on where you are purchasing the car from.

Insurance When Buying from a Dealership

As a general rule, the dealership will have insurance for when people come and test drive the car. However, it is always worth checking this with the seller you are dealing with before you get into the driver’s seat.

Again to protect the business assets you can presume this will be a fully comprehensive insurance policy, protecting other vehicles, property, pedestrians and of course the vehicle you are test driving.

Insurance When Buying from a Private Seller

If you are looking to buy a car from a private seller and wish to test drive it (which you always should to ensure no major issues are affecting the car), this is where alarm bells need to start ringing around the need for insurance.

If your car insurance policy includes “drive other cars” clause, also known as DOC, then you will be insured to drive another car, however most of the time this will be third party cover only, so in the unlikely event of an accident, the vehicle you are test driving would not be covered, potentially leaving you with a hefty repair bill.

Some insurers can offer a temporary cover solution which will allow you to test drive the car and be covered in the same way you would be driving your own, but this needs to be arranged so call your insurer to check. If they do not offer that service, then your best solution would be to arrange temporary car insurance for one day. This will allow you to be covered fully comprehensive for the day of your test drive.

Driving without insurance on roads in the UK is illegal and you could face an unlimited fine and a driving ban if you’re caught. Not worth the risk when one day cover can be bought from around £10.

Never presume you’re covered, always check and ensure that you’re safe in the unfortunate event of an accident. Call Wiser can help you find the cheapest temporary cover by comparing a panel of the leading UK insurers. Call our team today and they’ll find the best option for you.

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