Can I tax my car without insurance?

No, you need car insurance if you are purchasing car tax. If you drive a car on public roads, then by law you must have both car insurance and car tax.

What is Car Tax/Road Tax/VED?

Car tax is officially known as VED, or Vehicle Excise Duty and is required by law when driving on public roads. In recent years drivers with low emissions had benefited from paying very little or even no tax at all. However, this changed in April 2017 and all vehicles which run on fuel are required to pay an amount of road tax. Electric cars remain exempt except when they cost £40,000 or more to purchase, in this instance, they’ll pay £310 for the first five years, and then become exempt from road tax.

Can I Tax My Car Without Insurance?

No. If you tax a car you should have insurance on it also as to drive on public roads you need both car insurance and car tax. The only reason you would not need car tax and insurance is if you have declared the vehicle off road and have a SORN. In which case the car must not be parked or driven on a public road, it should be kept in a garage or on private land.

You do not need to have the motor insurance document to hand when you tax your car, but be aware that the DVLA will check whether you are insured or not. This applies whether you tax your car online, or at the post office. The only exception is in Northern Ireland where you’ll need your insurance certificate if paying for car tax in a post office.

What Documents Should I Have Ready when Buying Car Tax?

As mentioned above if you’re not in Northern Ireland at a post office, you do not need your insurance certificate to tax your car, but you do need to take some documents with you:

Paying for Car Tax:

If paying for car tax online, you’ll need the following:

  • The vehicle log book (V5C), the log book must be in your name.
  • If you have just purchased the car, you’ll need the green “new keeper” slip from the log book.
  • The V11 reminder from the DVLA, or last chance warning letter.

If you are buying car tax at a Post Office you may also be asked to provide a valid MOT certificate also, so take yours with you just in case.

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