Can I add additional drivers to my policy?

Yes! Additional drivers can be added to your policy at any point, as a permanent or temporary addition. So whether you are looking at a new motor insurance policy or adding drivers to your existing policy, Call Wiser can help. These adjustments can be effective immediately and updated insurance documents can be issued via email as soon as the adjustment is active.

Named Driver Insurance

You may wish to add ‘named drivers’ to your policy so they are legally insured to drive your vehicle. This could be adding your spouse or partner to your policy or perhaps you are interested in adding your children or sibling to your account. Similarly, you can join someone else’s policy as a ‘named driver’ if you want to drive their car.

It is important for any additional drivers to be insured. According to Continous Insurance Enforcement, it is against the law to drive on UK roads without insurance in place and can lead to penalty points, a fine and potential imprisonment. If someone drives your car without insurance and is involved in an accident, the cost of repairs and replacements can be enormous.

What Drivers’ Details Are Required

In order to put additional drivers on your policy, you must provide the drivers’ details to Call Wiser including:

-Full name, DOB, occupation, marital status, relationship to you.
-the use of the vehicle, such as social and leisure or business, and;
-driver’s license and claims history will require proof of documentation sent by email.

How additional drivers affect the cost of your insurance

Adding additional drivers may not affect the cost of your insurance provided that the main driver is an experienced driver. So even if you add young drivers to the policy, provided that the main driver is still older and has years of driving experience without a big claims history, the cost of your insurance can remain low. Adding a driver that is more experienced like a parent or spouse may actually lower your insurance premium. This is because insurance companies believe that by sharing the car you might be driving less and are less likely to be involved in an accident if you share the driving of long haul journeys.

However, drivers must be aware that they cannot claim to be the main driver on their policy when they are not. For example, a high-risk driver such as a young person may pretend to be a named driver on the policy when they are actually the main driver and instead they put their parent as the main driver to reduce the cost. This is known as ‘fronting’ and is common for drivers trying to save money on their insurance but is illegal and can lead to prosecution and a criminal record.

Other factors that impact the cost of insurance is whether you make the named driver a permanent addition on your policy or they have temporary car insurance on your account. People may need a car for a short period of time for a domestic holiday or to move home and therefore the cost of adding them as a driver will not be expensive if they only need the car for a few days or weeks.

How additional drivers affect your no claims bonus

Most insurance companies will not provide a no claims bonus for additional drivers. However, at Call Wiser, we work with several insurers so can help find you a policy where additional drivers can build up their no claims history.

Most insurers offer a discount of up to 80% on your insurance if you can drive claim free for 5 years or more. So if you have additional drivers on your policy such as your spouse or partner who you envision sharing a car with for a number of years, the no claims discount can be very useful indeed.

Adding Drivers vs Multi Car Insurance Policy

As the policyholder, you have the option to insure additional drivers on your vehicle. Alternatively, if you pay for more than one car and need to insure your drivers on these cars, you can look at multi car insurance. Popular for families with lots of cars on the forecourt, multi car insurance is like buying car insurance in bulk and so you receive a discount for every extra vehicle and person that you insure. By having all these drivers under one single policy, there is less admin and only one renewal date each year. Simple.

Add Named Drivers to Your Policy Today

At Call Wiser, our insurance experts can help you add named drivers to your account in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Simply give us a call on 0333 003 3270 today and one our friendly staff members in Hampshire will be able to assist you. Alternatively, you can send us an email and we will get back to you today.

We offer market-beating car insurance quotes from over 30 leading insurance providers in the UK. So whether you are interested in adding a family member or friend to your insurance policy, we can help. All named drivers will receive free breakdown cover from the RAC, free gadget and mobile phone cover, handbag and wallet cover and claim assistance too.

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